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My Little Pony Lauren's Legacy is a fancomic project based on the popular tv show My Little Pony friendship is magic. Lauren's Legacy is a dark and sinister story which takes place on a corrupted version from the My Little Pony World and takes a s protagonist a girl named Lauren Sharp who must recover the elements of harmony in order to stop the darkness that corrupts equestria; the dreaded Dark Dust.

The story of Lauren:

Lauren Sharp is a 15 years old girl who lives on an orphan, at the age of 5 she witnessed with her own eyes how her father, mother and little baby brother were all shot down by a criminal who break into her house searching for money, because of this Lauren's mind is unstable, she suffers from terrible depressions, panic crisis and has even attempted suicide several times as she's tormented every day by the memories of her family being murdered and she being unable to do anything to save them. Doctor Johan P. Ramirez the psychologist who has been taking care of Lauren's case for the last 10 years and has tried for all means to recover Lauren from her trauma, fears that if things don't change, he'll have no more choice but to send Lauren to a mental Asylum under permanent medical care.

The Darkness that corrupts Equestria:

One day, Lauren was transformed into a small Pony unicorn and dragged into another mysterious world known as Equestria by a small Pegasus with silly eyes named Derpy "Lauren, you must come! You're the only one who can save us!" she said. Equestria used to be a wonderful magical realm populated by magical ponies, however, where Lauren is now seems to be a living nightmare; the realm of Equestria has been destroyed and corrupted by a dark force. Nopony saw it coming, nopony could stop it. This "darkness" as many ponies described it didn't exist in Equestria, they don't know what it is, they just know it come from the outside and that someone allowed it to enter Equestria. This Darkness seems to obey one being, a terrifying dark alicorn known as Dark Dust, when the darkness invaded Equestria, Dark Dust took over and proclaimed himself the new all mighty ruler of equestrian alongside an immense army of horrendous creatures. Princess Celestia and Luna just disappeared without leaving any trace, without their rulers, Equestria's only hope were the elements of Harmony being wielded by the legendary 6 mares that had saved equestrian several times in the past. Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack, Pinky Pie and Fluttershy tried to stop Dark Dust and the Darkness that came with him by using the elements of harmony… it was a terrible mistake, the Elements didn't just don't stopped Dark Dust… but as return he did something horrible to the 6 mares, he didn't killed them, killed them would had been better… he corrupted them and twisted them into horrendous versions of themselves, turned into insane creatures and as cruel and ruthless as Dark Dust's army, the mare 6 earned each one a domain in the new Equestria and now act as savage guards for each elements so nopony can threaten to use them against Dark Dust in the future. With their heroes gone, the rest of the ponies suffered horrible fates as well; many were killed by the Drakness & Dark Dust's army of vile creatures, others were also corrupted and turned into abominations like the 6 mares were, and the rest was enslaved by Drak Dust & the new 6 corrupted mares under horrible faiths.

From the massacre, only 3 ponies seem to have survived and avoided being enslaved or corrupted; a stallion named Dr. Hooves, a Pegasus named Derpy and a Zebra named Zecora. "Why have I been brought here? Why me?" Asks Lauren. "Because hear my word, the darkness which corrupts equestria  also torments you on the human world" Zecora says, unsure what does this means, Lauren must now recover the elements of Harmony from the corrupted 6 mares and face Dark Dust & the Drakness that destroys Equestria in order to save this world and herself!

The comic:

This comic will be a non-profit fanbase re-interpretation and It'll begin to be posted right after I finish Memory &  Dragobeastia x Master Light, you're free to spread the comic on other social networks BUT YOU MUST GIVE ME CREDIT AND LINK TO MY DA PAGE.  Hope to get some pople interested into this, it's a huge project and I'll be giving my best effort! Please, share any opinion or question you may have!

Teaser Comic:
The Corrupted Elements:
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