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I have something very importante to say to all, both followers and those passing by.

Do you have something you say about my work? About my content? About my characteres? About my style or technique? About me as a person or creator?

Weather it is something positive or negative, please, I higly encourage you all to DO IT, but if you have to do it, make sure to do it TO ME.

I'm always open & willing to listen to what you have to say. Critiques, inputs, opinions, even discussions, all are most welcome, even the negative ones.

However, there's no point to go talk about me some place I wont be able to listen to you. Talking about me or my work behind my back will result in nothing gained and nothing learned from either of us.

So please, if you feel you have something to say to me, please do so. I'm happy to listen to you. :)
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I find your work incredible. Long time silent watcher and it is time to make you aware of how much i enjoy your work. I was around when you made your first comic, alas and alack i fear I have done nothing but watch, this is my first time commenting. All of your work whether gory, sensual, or even extremely kinky has been fantastic and a feast to the eyes. As time has gone on you have made improvements to your art, hair most noticeably and I feel that I cannot compare to what others have done for you. My hands are(to put it lightly) not art inclined and i find all your works an inspiration. While my mind i sharp, my mouth full of words, your art is truly a medium more people will enjoy.

TLDR; Keep drawing, your hair was what once you could improve on but you now have. Continue to expand your style.