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Twilight Sparkle

The next big reveal in the line up for Lauren's Legacy reboot is non other but Twilight Sparkle.

So, yeah, quite a few things to mention in regards to the new Twilight and her new role at Lauren's quest.

First and most important;the wings. Yes I know I said I would never work Princess Alicorn Twilight in the comic, but as it it, like it or not, Alicorn Twilight is canon withing the MLP universe and I want my comic to be as loyal to the source material as it can get, keeping Twilight as a unicorn would be a whim from my part. Altough if I'm honest, I still think turning Twilight into an Alicorn at the show was a very stupid thing to do, but wathever. On a side note, canon or not, Equetsria Girls can go eff itself, none of that crap in my comic.

Now second and most important, Twilight's role in the reboot of Luaren's Legacy has changed A LOT, while in my previous comic she was now some sort of twisted mare driven mad with power, this one is very different, not going to reveal much details right now, but she'll be a key elemnt in Luaren's quest, and yes, I can confirm, Twilight will be present and playing a big part in the very first comic of the rebooted saga which is really close to getting started, stay tunned!

Check everything Lauren's Legacy related here! :iconmlp-laurenslegacy:
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I assume the rest are more or less the same.
 (Mmmm... I like her look. She looks kind of chained, held back even, however also like she's calmly confident of being able to become NOT held back at her whim... Calm and calculating, strikes to my mind with a nice helping of mysticism.)
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Nice observation, you're not that wrong in your asumptions. ;)
 (Thank you! And also, you are very welcome!)
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She looks like... Asura.
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So it begins. The greatest happening of our time.
Ponythe13th's avatar
Can't wait to see it!
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Speaking of Equestria Girls, is Flash Sentry going to be in your comic...As a dead corpse?
Yeah, I don't like him, like all the others who hate his guts.
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Can't reveal that right now.
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Your right, but I hope you do that!
In fact, I bet every brony would be happy Squee Bounce if that's what happened to him.
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Buen trabajo 
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Amazing work! ^^

And thank you for leaving out Equestria Girls, that show is horrible. But I do have one question relating to that, does Sunset Shimmer make an appearance in this comic? I know she is a main character in that show, but she is mentioned in the show and the IDW comics.
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Weather or not Sunset Shimer make sit to this comic is something you'll people will have to wait and see.
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Entonces será más como una anti-heroína.
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mmmm... yo nunca dije eso.
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Creo que saqué malas conclusiones sobre que su rol iba a ser muy diferente al original.
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I like what you did with the coloring on her and it matches the background quite well.
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