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MLP Memory_Page 30 FINAL

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This comic is a non profit fanbase project, My Little Pony Friendhsip is magic is owned by Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye:, hub TV and Hasbro, please support the official release.

Comic based on the Fanfiction "Memory" by Larathin Bradley ([link])

Story by Larathin Bradley
Art by Ricardo Ruiz Sarabia :iconevil-rick:

Well guys, it is done, I hope you enjoyed this comic just a smuch as I enjoye dillustrating this beautiful story, thankyou all for all the pageviews, faves and nice coments, also don't forget to visit the author's profile at and congrat him as well, this is his story after all, I meerly ilustrated it. Thankyou all guys, we'll see again with more comics in the future! ^^


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I was revisited this and holy...i was still crying thank for showing us great and gorgeous yet heart touching comic
maddiechan14's avatar
da feels this is like how i never got to met my grandpa cause he died before i was born feels MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Cry Sad Rainbow Dash (cry) plz Rarity (cry) plz Sunset Shimmer EqG (cry) plz Pinkie pie,rarity and fluttershy (cry) plz :iconpinkamenacryingplz: You Broke Chica's Heart (Chat Icon) You Broke Foxy's Heart (Chat Icon) Purple Guy Cry Icon 

you had to remind me.

only I met him... I miss my cat, too

maddiechan14's avatar
omg i am truly sorry for your loss do you want a hug?
Kenny1941's avatar
Mlp is owned by you too Evil-Rick
VenomBronyPL's avatar
ok , tears intensifies ;c;
EarthyRainbowkitty's avatar
CRYING!!!! this is the 3rd time i've read this!
I was about ready to cry during this comic. You really know how to bring out some tear jerker moments.
ZeDumbassDoctor's avatar
This comic almost actually made me cry XD really deep and touching, excellent job hun
Nepkatluvr's avatar
That was very touching. I loved it.
positivvibes's avatar
Last scene. Stunningly beautiful yet emotional at the same time. Heart-touching.
foldabotZ's avatar
Very touching... Although, Twilight's an Alicorn now, so she may or may not be immortal now... Or at least, she'll live for a long, LONG time now.
Beret-Rock's avatar
I cried a little bit. Amazing comic.

I have cried only in this and another comic.
LazarusWolf8745's avatar
Truly remarkable. This made me cry a bit.

If something drawn/written makes you cry, then it is a masterpiece. So you get 6/5 for this.
jeroen01's avatar
This made me cry for so many reasons. I just loved it. This remembers my of my grandmother. She past away just 2 days afhter I saw her. My mother even saw her for the last a few hours before she died. So this comes acualy  very close to my experience I had.
guardmn's avatar
This made me cry.And for me this hit too close to home.I know the pain spike felt.My own wife died 14 years ago.And her last words to me on the morning she passed away were Reggie.I'm Scared.I never got the chance to say I Love You to her.And for the first 10 years it was a burden I carried.And I also thought if there was something more I could have done,but there wasn't.So yeah.I know of the pain Spike went through.This was a good story though.Great Work...Although I don't think I'll be faving it.I hope you understand why.
ligerfox's avatar
EarthyRainbowkitty's avatar
i'm bawling right now i'm over emotional
BassDrop9960's avatar
Ugh... *Wiping Tears* I cried so much, my shirt is soaked with tears and I hope I don't get caught for being up so late. But I love that her memory still lives vividly in their minds. And what kind of bucking friends don't visit her?!💢 I get that they're old and they have family but still!
Bleyk36's avatar
...................(crying for the next 3 hrs while riding over and over again)....nice artwork and nice story line i like
I am not going too.... I am
 I cryed 4 along timePikachu crying plz Big Fool Emoji-07 (Cry) [V2] Neko Emoji-14 (Cry) [V1] 1 Sad Fluttershy Wolf Crying Sparta Emoji-02 (Cries) 
sMoLs1N's avatar
It was beautiful :icontearplz:
Rainbow-Gale's avatar
I was fighting back the tears and even now my vision is blurry...dang a tear just slid down my face...during the entire comic. So sad and so beautiful. :iconrainbowdashcryplz:
Wolfluver12222's avatar
i cant handle it Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! Sad Foxy Animated Chat Icon You Broke Chica's Heart (Chat Icon) FnaF Icon - Vincent (Sad) Sad Foxy Cute Foxy and Bonnie Chat Icon  < when my sister was here
I have had loss it is sad everytime I pass the graveyard she asks to go visit I say no to avoid emotions
but im gonna cheer up and put BRUH emotions as well as deal with it and also bosschica is amazed [emoticon] Freddy Herd You Talkin Trash (Chat Icon) Deal With It (Freddy Chat Icon) Chica is a Boss (Chat Icon) Foxy MLG Chat Icon bruh 
(SORRY for ruining the moment) Bonnie Bruh Chat Icon 
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