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This comic is a non profit fanbase project, My Little Pony Friendhsip is magic is owned by Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye:, hub TV and Hasbro, please support the official release.

Comic based on the Fanfiction "Memory" by Larathin Bradley ([link])

Story by Larathin Bradley
Art by Ricardo Ruiz Sarabia :iconevil-rick:


Cover: [link]

Page 1: [link]
Page 2: [link]
Page 3: [link]
Page 4: [link]
Page 5: [link]
Page 6: [link]
Page 7: [link]
Page 8: [link]
Page 9: [link]
Page 10: [link]
Page 11: [link]
Page 12: [link]
Page 13: [link]
Page 14: [link]
Page 15: [link]
Page 16: [link]
Page 17: [link]
Page 18: [link]
Page 19: [link]
Page 20: [link]
Page 21: [link]
Page 22: [link]
Page 23: [link]
Page 24: [link]
Page 26: [link]
Page 27: [link]
Page 28: [link]
Page 29: [link]
Page 30 (Final): [link]

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plot twist:it turns into a porno...jk
But still a very sad, but good, piece.
Alfamaxis's avatar
4`th panel Wollan de mort
Alfamaxis's avatar
Aou are welcome
Evil-Rick's avatar
*SNIFFLES*. Whoever dosen't Is the WORST PERSON EVER!!!!!!
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Cicklefron's avatar
in the last bubble change, "I," into, I'll.
afoxcas's avatar
matty4z's avatar
wow the level of art work that goes into this never stops suprising me
Evil-Rick's avatar
Thankyou very much. ^^
matty4z's avatar
heck its the least i can put down and i read the end very sad but good and at 5'46am and after 38hrs up , il forget it lol
MasterghostUnlimited's avatar
i hope luna helps spike feel better for twilight sakes
matty4z's avatar
luna: spike theses are the graves of all my past friends it'll always hurt to see loved ones go
MasterghostUnlimited's avatar
dang don't know if that's suppose to be true or just scary
matty4z's avatar
my predictions
matty4z's avatar
but the ending well be different i bet
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