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Lauren's Legacy Fanart contest_win 600 points!

The Lauren’s Legacy comics are just around the corner, to celebrate its launch, me and the :iconelcomicenlinea: group have decided to organize a fanart contest with a price of 600 :iconpointsplz:, a free full color commission with 2 characters from myself and the winner picture will be featured as the cover for Lauren’s Legacy #2. Check the rules below for more info!


-You must do a fanart from one or more characters from the Lauren’s Legacy comics, either a main character, villain or monster.
-Anyone can participate.
-Up to 3 entries per participant.
-Traditional drawing or digital drawing, colored or not.
-No 3D modeling art, no cosplaying, no toys customization and no sculpture. Only drawings.
-No humanization, the only humanized Pony allowed is Lauren Sharp and that because her humanized version is canon in the Lauren’s Legacy comics.
-No rule 34, and this is a 100% strict rule, no exceptions.
-No gender bending.
-No OCs from yours, remember that the winner pic will be featured as the cover for Lauren’s Legacy #2.
-No garry’s mod or Pony creator entries allowed.
-Pictures must be submitted to the “Lauren’s Legacy launch fanart contest” folder [link] on the group :iconelcomicenlinea:. This can be done two ways; either you join the group and submit it by yourself or you send me the link for your entry as a note so I can add it to the group’s folder.


Entries will be received from July 2nd to August 10th, judges will be again the crew from :iconelcomicenlinea: who will judge the entries’ originality, concept and quality and will choose a winner that will be announced on August 14th, the on August 15th, you guys will receive Lauren’s Legacy #1!!! :D

There will be only a 1st price who will receive:
-600 :iconpointsplz:
-A free full color digital commission with 2 characters from myself.
-Winner pic featured as the cover for Lauren’s Legacy #2
-All participants without exception will have their pictures & accounts featured at our group and official webpage.
-Would you like to donate prices? Send me a note and we'll discuss that!

All Info on Lauren’s Legacy can be found here: [link]
You can check art from Lauren’s Legacy here: [link]
And this is the list from all characters you’re allowed to make your entry from, every character has in the description the profile & bi from the character so you can get an idea of what to do with it:

-Lauren Sharp: [link]
-Human Lauren Sharp: [link]
-Derpy: [link]
-Dr. Hooves: [link]
-Zecora: [link]
-Dark Dust: [link]
-The Darkness: [link]
-Applejack: [link]
-Fluttershy: [link]
-Rarity: [link]
-Rainbow Dash: [link]
-Pinkie Pie: [link]
-Twilight Sparkle: [link]
-Spike: [link]
-Vulmira: [link]
-The Chaser: [link]
-The Dark Ponies: [link]
-The Shepherd of Silence: [link]
-The Cutie Mark Harvester: [link]
-The Macabre Innocence: [link]
-The Frankenstein Brothers: [link]

Good Luck everyone and most important: have fun!
Any question, feel free to ask. ^^
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Sorry, this contest ended like a year ago. Stay tunned for future contests!
LizzieThePsychopath's avatar
oh but i'm making it anyways
Evil-Rick's avatar
Ok, You're welcome to add ti to our group ir you want.

LizzieThePsychopath's avatar
ill put it on there when it's done
BlacktwilightSky's avatar
and there was a winner? o.o
Evil-Rick's avatar
Yes, it was anounced like months ago, her art was featured as cover for Chapter 2
BlacktwilightSky's avatar
por sierto hablo español tambien, dime de que se trata todo esto?
Titan-Sushi's avatar
Evil-Rick's avatar
It's not ove ryet, check the rules and there says the winner will be anounced on the 14th
Titan-Sushi's avatar
yays im exited, who won? o.o
Nubicat's avatar
puesss aquí [link] esta mi entrada espero es guste
Evil-Rick's avatar
Agregado, Muy buena suerte. Me gustan mucho las entradas pero el resultado no depende al 100% de mi. Hay un total de 4 jueces. ^^
Nubicat's avatar
pondran comentarios del porque una y porque otra??? o____O?
Nubicat's avatar
CON ESO soy feliz
RageReaper's avatar
Can't draw. Can't enter :p
RageReaper's avatar
You're actually kinda lucky. The last art contest that was presented to me, I went off on that guy. I can do art, just not illustrations. I can only write stories and poetry.
Evil-Rick's avatar
Very well, good luck! ^^
Shauvin's avatar
ill give this a go, that teddybear demon looks appealing to draw
Evil-Rick's avatar
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