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Hope someone of u like it...please comment and tell me what do u think...
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DiaboliasxHobbyist General Artist
Looks pretty sick in a good way. 
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Looks great, but makes Winamp 5.666 crash even today in 2014 !!! Can't anyone fix that bug ?? I love the darker & grungy skins, but there's often some problems !
With the Classic dark & grungy skins, the problem is that the skinners rarely bothered to skin the AVS (visualization) !! I just can't understand !! Today, a skin which isn't fully skinned would stand no chance....
Too bad that the Classic skins for Winamp 1,  2 & 3 were like discarded... Look at "Red Cobra" or "Energy Amplifier", they are fully skinned & have survived through the years. All the beautiful skins by Monaux are forgotten because his "philosophy" was to skin ONLY the main window, the Eq. & the Playlist Editor !! SAD philosophy !!
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evil-pumpkinHobbyist General Artist
Thanks.... I do agree with you :) ... unfortunately I don't have time anymore to support the skin so there will be no bug fix! :(
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Looks great! Very dark and cool. Well done, and well done on the DD!
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evil-pumpkinHobbyist General Artist
Thank you! even if it's a very old skin right now...
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e compliementi per la DD =)

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evil-pumpkinHobbyist General Artist
Grazie 1000!! :P
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freaken awesome...
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This looks awesome, but unfortunately is causes Winamp 5.02 to crash... :cry:

"Script Failure: Press left mouse button to continue.
Guru Meditation #0000.00000103.24

Please fix!!!!!
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fantastic work.. it deserves more attention
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elvenjuiceboxHobbyist Artisan Crafter
it's cool, bloody and worth downloading
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sinanProfessional Interface Designer
i mispelt saw, sorry.
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sinanProfessional Interface Designer
I like the look, reallly original. I say this a bit late so please forgive me,...anyway well done
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mmm, coool
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Great skin, a good idea and execution. Personally I think the LCD in the middle of the console is fine. +fav
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wowowowowow i love it. i def gunna use this. very nice work.. it's so.. eeeeevil-like. yey! Heart Heart
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Wow, I really like it, especially the way the equilizer pulls down, nice effect. If I may say, a little scratchy on the edges of the spikes but still great job!

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scorpio Digital Artist
Hot damn!
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abhimanyughoshalProfessional Photographer
Wow! Very unique idea + excellent execution. Great work!
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Wow! +fav.
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evil-pumpkinHobbyist General Artist
Thank u all guys, for the comments, suggests, critics and faves...

Huuuu...Daily Deviation!! my dreams finally comes true!!!
happy happy happy!!
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dark-bear-shmee Digital Artist
awww... wow... incredible... i love it... i'm sure tons of work went into this... i love the spikes and the c-buttons, but the blood effects are a bit too grainy. great work, though. +fav
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Looks like somebody or something got cut pretty bad, this is a cool skin! I am glad you have a blood on/off, not that I am a wimp or anything... :) (Smile)
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Wow, just messing around with the little things, and playing with the buttons. This is a great skin. It has a cool design, the spikes and all. Button placement is great and the things like blood on/off are that little addition that makes a good skin great. Phenominal job for a skin!
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