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HAL v1

A skin that I've done for surrealGFX (based on an original sketch by Peacemaker) 3 months ago...never published so I publish it by myself, hope someone enjoy this different style tried for the first time!

please comment even if this is ugly!

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WOW!!!! WOW!!!!   EXCELENTE!!!!!!
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Thanks for the comment and fav.!
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I like how the display looks. This design isn't completely finished but it is better than anything I've done.
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Thanks to all of you guys! It's amazing how so many people still like this old skin (that I suppose it doesn't work anymore wit the new WA).
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I love it!! and to me it looks like a butler who passed out on the floor (lying on his side)... never ask an artist for an opinion!

Great skin :)
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great one! :))) +fav :)
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Wow eden od najdobrite Makedonci out here :)
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This is my new fav skin...
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I was involved in surrealgfx as well, that whole thing was mess. It's cool to see something cool come out of it!
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Well, it looks pretty sleek, but I find that operating it is pretty boring. I tend to like WA3 skins with a bit more animation to them. Also, I'm not particularly fond of the included colour schemes, except for default.

I think if you add some animation to it, maybe with the wing like projections down the sides opening to access things.

And a winshade or minimode would be useful.

One last suggestion: allow the user to switch it from horizontal to vertical and maybe even from left-facing to right-facing.

All of that said though, I have no fucking clue how to make skins of any type, so irregardless of its usefulness to me, I'm always impressed.

real nice work, been looking for a good WA3 skin such as this one for a long time *downloads*
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looks cool however... its kinda... bulky? yeah?
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Like the first comment really, this is dark as hell. How can I have Winamp3 and not use this skin!

The colours complement the original design perfectly. Here's hoping it functions as well.

/Me downloads frantically.
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cool skin, great work man

I like the colors man! :!
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I just downloaded it.. Awesome design ;) (Wink) Great work!
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it's a few big ,but i like the orignality in it especially the equalizer anim and the color scheme.
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This skin is the ownage :) (Smile)
I admire people who have amazing skills that I dont have. I admire you :p (Lick)
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the textures on the surface r just great :-) (Smile)
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Good skin, I sepecially like the colors..but its a bit big for my desktop =P (Razz)
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Oh, I love this! It's nice and different from the normal oddly shaped circle-type skins. I love the color scheme! Good job!
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DAmn this is one sweet skin.
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