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Evil Plan: A Supervillain Webcomic

What's the true meaning of Valentine's Day? As with most holidays in America, it's really about candy. With Valentine's Day coming up, you need some cards to give you an excuse to hand out those sweet sweet treats.

You can print these Evil Plan Valentines out as many times as you like:

Valentine's Sheet by AlexisRoyce

Then you get to give your friends a webcomic recommendation, as an additional gift. Also, more publicity for Kinesis. Everyone wins!
First off, another quick thank-you to everyone. During the April Fool's event, you all put Evil Plan in the top 10 webcomics at topwebcomics for a little while, and even now, we're solidly in the top 10 sci-fi comics. I got the message loud and clear: give you guys something really big next year for April Fools, too. With pleasure, ladies and gents. ^_^ Oh, and since a couple of you asked, my eyes are feeling much better, thank you.

Now for the next bit of fun. ACEN! Chelsea and I will be at Anime Central later this month, in the Artist's Alley. Our booth is number 190, called "Pocket Parrot Studios" in the program guide. We're nearish to the Art Show. Our table will be bigger and better, with buttons, phone charms, prints, Chelsea's adorable sculptures, and more comics. If my hands don't fall off, we'll have a new Evil Plan comic there for purchase, something not on the site, and far cheaper than our derpy GN. I'll post our table location here when I know for sure where it is, but I did buy something last night to help you all find it: a big, professional vinyl Evil Plan banner. So be on the lookout for Alice and Kinny.

Also, I do commissions dirt cheap at conventions, pencils on Bristol board, $4 for one character, $7 for two, and I'll draw anybody you like (and sometimes I toss in inks for free just because I like your face). And it's best to find me as early as possible; I've been getting a little swamped at cons lately. Consider this my insider tip to you guys as readers.

And even if you're totally broke, please stop by to say hi! I love chatting with readers, and if you mention Evil Plan or Sire, I always have my small reader gifts ready to strike, giving you something when you least expect it!

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