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Gift: Champion of Boethiah

A gift for my friend gh0st-of-Ronin , who has been instrumental in helping me learn how commissioning works, and who lets me gush about Disney characters like I'm five again. For that, I will attempt the Dreaded Task of Drawing Men.

This was inspired by the Dress Like a Daedra contest, because I absolutely LOVED that theme. Kinda went a little biblical with Boethiah's snake avatar in a tree with a negative halo, but no one minds a bit of melodrama with their art. :P Decided to go with a grey background because white or cream seemed too bright for the theme.

Others in this Dress Like a Daedra series:  Kin of Madness by Evil-is-Relative Webspinner by Evil-is-Relative, and  Dreamweaver by Evil-is-Relative.

EDIT:  So, like a dunderhead, I completely forgot to put my reference up. ^^; Shadow - Light (Swords) 04 by Null-Entity I'm normally pretty good about this, sorry. It took me a long while to find the pose I wanted, too. Go check out his gallery, he has a lot of fun ones (just don't forget to credit like I did).
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This looks great :)

I do however have to ask you to please credit the use of my stock as per my rules :)

Shadow - Light (Swords) 04 by Null-Entity
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Oh my gosh, I am so sorry! I was excited about how my friend would react and completely forgot! I'll fix it right away, thank you for reminding me!

EDIT: Updated! And I am sorry about that. ^^;
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Someone has to be the Champion now that I've decided to strike that from Vaynith's backstory, might as well be this brooding gentleman :D
The artstyle is great, well done! :hug:
gh0st-of-Ronin's avatar
Echo did amazing! 

LOL, he's not brooding all the time! I mean, the guy hangs out with a Disney Queen so there's some bright spots in his persona!
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Utterly scrumptious.  ...These would make an awesome Tarot deck,  you realize that? 
Evil-is-Relative's avatar
That sounds like much more work than I am willing or able to do right now. X'D
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oh, take as long as you want. They're worth waiting that long for. Seriously, this is gorgeous.
gh0st-of-Ronin's avatar
I'd totally want one!!!! :D :D :D 
gh0st-of-Ronin's avatar
I don't know what to say other than what has already been said already. Seriously. It looks amazing. Obviously, out of ALL the ones you have done, this I adore so much. So much! Thank you SO MUCH! :D :D :D 

Love you 3K for this! 
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