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An aesthetic board for Yssi! I am a dummy! 

Learning the ins and outs of the newest version of Photoshop (bless my boyfriend for renewing his subscription while I'm borrowing his computer), and came across this little gem on tumblr. I've never done an aesthetic board before, so I decided to give it a try. No idea if I did all that well, but it was fun. :)

I did one for Shell. ^^;  Aesthetic Builder Shell by Evil-is-Relative

I encourage you to to go check out the original version of the resources I used, since they are all awesome and the artists deserve some love. :)
First three images by the incomparable fae-photography 's stock account, which Deviantart doesn't seem to want me to link for some weird reason...
Fire is Fire Texture VII by Melyssah6-Stock 
Season is Sunny Field Premade by frozenstocks
Background texture is Fire and Brimstone by PaulineMoss. I really wanted to use more of it because it's really cool, but I ended up making it subtler so things meshed better. 
Other images from lots of googling free stock...
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I wanna do that... lol. It's a great way to think about it too! Although mine might be hard to see... because she's a snow elf... and kinda... oh so very white... except her eyes >.>
shhhhhhhhhh, no one has to know she blends into anything that's white, hahahaha