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"Thou Shall Not Suffer" is a Gothic Grindhouse action short about a Vatican huntress vs the Sisters of Yig! Blood, Guns, Snakes, Zombies, and fine goth chicks! It features Kiddo Fox, Mandi Moss Holmes, Jane Burthe, and Suzey Johnson. It's about Testament: Witch Hunter, and her battle with the Cult of Yig. It features gunplay and magic, practical and digital effects.

The script has been written, and they have a lot of our props and wardrobe. The locations have been scouted. The major parts have been cast. Not much left, than to go out and shoot it.

You can buy in at $10 to help these guys get this badass project filmed and submitted into festivals. Who knows? If it takes off, maybe we'll get a feature film!…
One of the perks of being an Admin is you get to shamelessly self-promote your stuff to the group. Not to worry, I won't do this often. This is just the biggest moment of my life and I HAD to share it with y'all. Admittedly, it's not neceissarly "evil" but my retro brawler card game does allow you to play as a vampire, anthropomorphic Rubik's cube assassin, and Grigori Rasputin. :)

Please check out the link and spread the dark(ish) gospel!…


--Davy Wagnarok
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DWOAH: Ashi vs AzulaDeadliest warriors of all historyAshi vs AzulaThe daughters of evilAshi info:Height: 5 foot 3Weight: 103lbsWeapons: Bare Hands, Kusarigama, Aku’s PowersStrengths: Was one of the seven daughters of Aku and allied with Jack to take down her father, Extreme physical strength (Despite her lithe appearance Ashi possesses inhuman levels of strength, Can break stone with her strikes, Used an Orc as a Battering Ram to plow through a literal army of other Orcs numbering in the hundreds, Threw the Dominator with enough force to make him explode, Is only slightly weaker than Samurai Jack), Extreme durability (Despite her flimsy appearance Ashi possesses inhuman levels of durability, Survived being thrown into molten ash as an infant, Survived a several hundred foot fall, Shrugs off being smashed through stone, Survived being electrocuted with what seemed to be thousands of volts, Was uninjured by being crushed by a building sized Robot), Above peak human speed/Massively hypersonic reactions (Can run at dozens of miles an hour, Dodged several point blank Arrow shots, Dodged Minigun fire, Jack struggled to keep up with her during their first meeting), Slaughtered an army of Orcs single handed, Killed her mother who was Aku’s High Priestess, In her Daughter of Aku form Ashi possesses all of her father’s abilities (Including Eye Lasers, Total regeneration, Stretching her limbs, Forming Weapons from her limbs and creating Time Portals).Weaknesses: Is vulnerable to Holy Weapons in her Daughter of Aku form, Lacks any form of Armour, Was killed off by a bullshit time paradox.Azula info:Height: 5 footWeight: 116lbsWeapons: Bare Hands, Firebending, ShurikensStrengths: As Ozai’s daughter, Iroh’s niece and Zuko’s sister Azula was one of the most powerful and feared Firebenders of her time, Superhuman strength (Despite her lithe physique Azula possesses incredible strength, Blocked Aang’s Airbending with her Bare Hands, Physically deflected Rocks thrown via Earthbending, Could easily match Zuko), Superhuman durability (Despite her lithe physique Azula possesses extreme durability, Tanked attacks from Aang’s Airbending, Shrugged off Katara’s attacks from her Waterbending, Shrugged off her own redirected Lightning strike), Above peak human speed/Massively hypersonic reactions (Was one of the fastest characters of the series, Easily outsped Aang in their first fight, Can dodge Lightning with utter ease, Dodged point blank Ice Shards fro Katara), Genius intellect (Was one of the smartest characters of the series, Is a master manipulator, Is so fluent with lying that not even Toph can tell if she’s telling the truth or not), Can control both Fire and Lightning through her skill in Firebending, Nearly killed Zuko in her final battle with him and Katara.Weaknesses: Is psychologically broken to the point that her own family considered her a lunatic, Requires full motion of her body to Firebend, Had the shortest reign of any Fire Lord.Battle begin!In awe of the Fire Nation festival Ashi wandered through the crowds taking in the sights and sounds, not noticing that the crowd she was in was dispersing to let someone through until she borderline shoulder checked the person making them both stagger “oh! I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention” she apologised turning around only to be met with a look of pure fury.“You dare to touch me peasant?!” Azula snapped going from an arrogant calm to burning rage in a microsecond, her eyes wide and crazed showing that her fragile mental state was already slipping as her hands ignited.Shocked by the woman’s immediate breakdown Ashi backed up a few steps “there’s no need to get aggressive, I made a mistake and apologised, now we walk away and continue with our lives” the daughter of Aku replied only to quickly duck to the side as Azula threw a Fireball at her, sending the crowd scattering out of the way of their Fire Lord’s wrath.Watching in shock as the Fireball struck and set a stall on fire Ashi quickly reacted as Azula lunged forward to strike at her, grabbing the Fire Lord by the arm before throwing her hard over her shoulder sending her spiralling through the air only for Azula to land perfectly on her feet.Upon landing Azula sprang forward again with a series of Lightning fast punches and kicks which Ashi found herself actually having to focus to block and deflect, each blow that came from Azula being followed by a blast of Flame from her Fists and feet which Ashi narrowly dodged each time.Blocking another wild kick from Azula Ashi then struck back with an open palmed strike to the Fire Bender’s abdomen sending her sliding back on her heels before the Fire Lord quickly fired herself forward back at Ashi by expelling Flames from her hands.As she reached Ashi again Azula delivering a spiralling kick to her face, making her recoil slightly before pulling out two Shuriken and starting to wildly stab at the daughter of Aku using the Shuriken like short Daggers, the Blades cutting at the leafs that constituted Ashi’s clothing as she quickly dodged and weaved around the stabs.Hissing as a couple of Shuriken stabs caught her across the cheek and thigh drawing thin lines of blood Ashi grabbed at Azula’s wrists to stop her only to be forced back as the crazed Firebender spat Flames in her face, Azula using Ashi’s recoiling to her advantage to deliver another brutal kick, this time to her stomach sending her flying across the street and into a Weapons store.Grinning wider as Ashi disappeared into the building Azula put her Shurikens away and ignited her hands ready to set the store on Fire to burn Ashi alive inside when the Bladed head of a Kusarigama suddenly burst through the stores window and narrowly cut across Azula’s face before she could react, making her cry out in angry surprise as the Kusarigama’s chain dragged the head back into the store.A moment later Ashi strode out of the store twirling the end of her new Weapon in her grasp as Azula glared at her with pure hatred “you! HOW DARE YOU SURVIVE?! I COMMAND YOU TO DIE!!!” she shrieked before spitting a stream of Flame at the daughter of Aku to which Ashi jumped over it.Landing behind Azula, Ashi swung her Kusarigama to which Azula blocked it with her forearm, letting the chain wrap around her arm before grabbing it and pulling hard enough to nearly knock Ashi off of her feet.Gripping the chain tighter the Fire Lord then started to super heat it via Firebending, causing the chain to glow a bright red where she grasped it before the heat travelled along the linked metal with such speed that Ashi couldn’t let go in time before her hands were burned by it, her palms burning ash black from the intense heat as she dropped the chain with a cry of pain.Dropping the chain Ashi then exclaimed as a Shuriken then hit her in the shoulder, digging in deep before another struck her in the thigh, making her recoil and flinch enough to allow Azula to then send a large stream of Flame at her, utterly engulfing the daughter of Aku.Goaded on by Ashi’s screams of pain Azula then rushed forward at the burning woman and violently kicked her across the street, sending her crashing against a wall as the leaves that covered her body burned away revealing her charred black skin underneath.Despite looking like a charred blackened body Ashi still proved to be able to move, shocking Azula as her hands went to her face to wipe away the char revealing her unmarked skin underneath, the daughter of Aku then pushing away from the wall to launch herself into the air narrowly dodging a bolt of Lightning that Azula Firebent at her.Letting out a cry of anger as Ashi dodged Azula wildly fired Lightning in every direction along with a blast of sheer blue Flame between every few blasts of Lightning, the daughter of Aku diving and jumping around the street to dodge every blast before kicking off of a wall to throw herself at Azula to punch her hard enough across the face to knock out a tooth.Reeling and spinning from the hit Azula quickly righted herself to block another swing from Ashi before thrusting her free hand forward at her abdomen, making Ashi’s eyes widen at the intense stabbing pain that then rushed through her, Azula having drawn another Shuriken and rammed it into Ashi’s stomach before she could react.As Ashi reeled from the stab Azula suddenly grabbed her by the head before Firebending several torrents of Lightning straight through it, making Ashi scream in agony which only made Azula grin even more maniacally, the Fire Lord letting out a mad cackling laugh as Ashi’s eyebrows then ignited.Instead of the rest of Ashi’s head igniting however the skin of her face turned an inky black, completely covering her eyes, nose and mouth before her eyes reopened as blindingly white orbs, the inky blackness continuing throughout her entire body as her screams of pain died away.Too focused on killing her opponent Azula didn’t even seem to notice her transformation until she felt a stabbing pain in her own stomach cutting off her Firebending, the Fire Lord backing up a couple of steps and looking down to see that Ashi had turned her hand into a jet black Spear and had ran it straight through her midsection.“You..what…?” she gasped in total shock before Ashi then ripped her Spear hand out of her stomach and turned it into a Whip to lash it across Azula’s body, the hit sending her upwards off of her feet before Ashi then fired Lasers from her eyes to blast Azula across the street sending her crashing through a wall.As the wall crumbled down Ashi slinked forward, her motions now almost serpentlike and unnatural as Azula picked herself up out of the rubble, her face still twisted in a crazed hateful expression as she ignited her hands again and launched herself at Ashi.Instead of lashing out as Azula approached her Ashi waited until the last moment before opening her mouth, the inky blackness covering her face splitting in a demonic maw as she then let out a piercing scream along with a a black and white striped funnel like portal which promptly swallowed Azula whole, removing her from that point in time.(Several minutes earlier)Falling out of the portal Azula wildly thrust her flaming hands forward to impale what she thought was Ashi in a moment of wild abandon but the moment her hands pierced the woman's chest she felt an agonising burning sensation in her own chest.“What?” she gasped as she coughed up blood, the rage mist clearing in her vision only to give way to horror as she found herself looking at herself with her hands buried in her own ribcage, her past self looking at her with the same look of horror and confusion before the light left her eyes and her body hit the floor among the horrified Fire Nation citizens.A split second later Azula felt like her body was completely wasting away, falling to her knees over the corpse of her previous self as Ashi appeared in front of her through another portal “you...YOU DID THIS!” the Fire Lord snapped clutching at her bleeding chest.“No, you did this to yourself” Ashi stated back coldly as the inky blackness covering her face peeled away revealing her human features, the daughter of Aku looking upon Azula with disdain as the Fire Lord continued to spit insults and threats until she had completely faded away into nothingness, the timeline and future in which they had fought no longer existing.Feeling herself start to fade away as well Ashi then looked upon her previous self who was looking at her with utter confusion “it’s best not to ask” she stated simply before fading away herself, leaving her previous self stood confused over the corpse of a women she had just killed in a now nonexistent timeline.Winner: AshiBefore anyone says anything yes I pulled a Ben Tennyson vs Green Lantern, sue me.Anyway, why does Ashi beat Azula?Well at first both characters seem near completely evenly matched save for Ashi’s massive advantage in physical strength meaning that even if Ashi could knock Azula’s head off with one strong punch Azula’s matching skill and speed meant that she’d have to put in a lot of effort to do so.The fight is tipped heavily in Ashi’s favour however upon her tapping into her innate powers granted to her by being the daughter of Aku, powers that match her fathers completely meaning that the moment she started using them Azula would stand no chance as any attack she landed would heal near immediately or have no effect at all leaving Azula on very short borrowed time before Ashi landed the killing blow.
History of the Blood CultHistoryAntiquityThe oldest known written records about the blood cult date from around the year 2,000 BC. There are only fragmented bits of lore deciphered from broken stone tablets found in the ruins of Ashur. It is written that some tribes from the fringes of the known world used to sacrifice humans in order to appease their god Um'rA'eSh. Due to the bad condition of the texts, not much is known about the cult, but it is hinted that it has been practiced since long before the time of the writing.Indeed, some modern scholars try to link a 25.000-year-old cave painting from Spain to the cult, but most archeologists doubt that it is possible that the cult survived for such a long time and spanned such a vast geographic area during the paleolithic period. The painting depicts a dragon-like creature that superficially resembles the descriptions of Um'rA'eSh from newer texts.A more in-depths description of the practices of the cult comes from the 14th century BC, when the cult seems to have spread to Anatolia. A Hittite scholar describes that some of his countrymen have begun practicing the blood cult, which has before only been associated with "uncivilized" cultures, in secret. Another text details the precautions made by the cult in order to hide it from the general public. It describes that the sacrifices are only to be made during specific religious holidays and animals are only to be sacrificed (fed to the god) if it is impossible to get a human sacrifice without being caught. This text also shows the general fear the cultists had that their god would destroy the city if they do not practice regular sacrifice and also how dangerous it was that most people would not believe their teachings.Later, the cult seems to have spread around the entire Mediterranean, where we have several ancient Greek and later Roman authors mentioning it among other mystery cults. No texts are known from the cultists themselves, but mainstream Greek authors describe that the cult sacrifices mostly oxen and horses to their gods, with no mentioning of human sacrifice.Parallel to this, the cult is also mentioned in sources from the Gupta empire and in Chinese texts from the Qin dynasty. One Chinese author mentions the fear of the cultists of a dragon that lives inside their temple, but he dismisses it as their "temple" is just some house and would never contain a divine dragon.Roman authors also mention the cult being practiced by Germanic, Celtic and Scythian tribes throughout Europe and even among the Berbers of North Africa, while Chinese sources mention that the cult has spread around the entire world.Medieval and early-modern sourcesWith the spread of Christianity and Islam, sources from the cult itself get sparce. Some scholars think that the various kinds of dragon slaying myths that spread around Europe actually depict Christian missionaries wiping out specific communities of the cult and that the dragons are symbols for what they saw as devil worship. The Persian author al-Qazwīnī mentions Um’rA’eSh as a kind of Jinn that has been worshipped in pre-Islamic times.At the same time, it seems that the cult saw some kind of renaissance in China, while also being secularized. Sources mention the spread of small dragons that people worshipped at their homes by sacrificing small animals to them.European medical and natural history books from the early modern period show creatures found in association with witch trials which have been identified as Um'rA'eSh by modern researchers. It seems that like in China, instances of the deity also have become smaller and tamer in Europa by that time.While we have no sources about the blood cult being practiced in the Americas before Columbus, some scholars have tried to link Mesoamerican human sacrifice to the cult. This is highly disputed since there are no similarities between the practices of the Mesoamerican cultures and those of the cultists of the Old World. Most historians agree that the cult actually spread to the Americas through European immigrants and African slaves and later syncretized with Indigenous American religions.Worship in modern timesWhile some kind of religious reverence of Um'rA'eSh seems to have persisted in remote communities throughout the world, by the 18th and 19th century most instances of the deity are bred as a kind of exotic pet. In the second half of the 20th century, it gained popularity among youth cultures like Punk and Metal fans because of its dark history. It also seems that some religious interest has resurfaced among New Age religious movements.In 2003, the cult gained widespread media coverage when two sixteen-year-olds from Munich, Germany killed a classmate in order to appease Um'rA'eSh. Both teenagers have been found not guilty by reason of mental disease and are currently in institutional care. The Um'rA'eSh has been brought to an animal shelter. It has been found to have been grossly neglected.
DWOAH: Kharn the Betrayer vs AtrocitusDeadliest warriors of all historyKharn the Betrayer vs AtrocitusRage that can stain the galaxy redKharn the Betrayer info:Height: 9 foot 1Weight: 1058lbs (W/O Armour), 10 tons (With Armour)Weapons: Bare Hands, Gorechild, Plasma PistolArmour: Daemonic Power ArmourStrengths: Was one of the Imperium’s finest Marines before his fall to Chaos, Demi-Godlike strength (Is immensely strong even by Astartes standards, Completely ragdolled Azrael, Bested and overpowered multiple Greater Daemons in physical combat before his fall to Chaos, His strength increased with his bloodlust), Demi-Godlike durability (Bolter Rounds barely dent his Armour, Survived being impaled on a Land Raider Spike, Being mobbed by 25+ Berserkers barely phased him, Survived having his heart torn from his chest, Tanked blows from Angron, His Daemonic Power Armour is far more durable than regular Marine Power Armour), Superhuman speed/FTL reactions (Can casually dodge Bolter fire, Is canonically faster than any Marine, Speed blitzed Erebus), Unbreakable willpower (Can withstand the mind breaking mixture of pain and pleasure of a Torment Deal, Can resist illusions through willpower, Rejected a deal from a Slaanesh Daemon), Possesses an extreme healing factor (Can heal even mortal wounds when given access to blood e.g. regrew his heart), The Gorechild is powerful/sharp enough to cut through Marine Power Armour, Has one of the highest personal kill counts of any Warhammer 40k character, Has ten thousand years of experience.Weaknesses: Is prone to psychotic breaks and mindless fits of insane rage turning even his allies into targets, Requires access to enemy blood to heal mortal wounds, Has no true allegiance to anyone but Khorne meaning he will happily kill allies if they anger/disappoint/mildly displease him.Atrocitus info:Height: 6 foot 7Weight: 935lbsWeapons: Bare Hands, Red Lantern Constructs, Energy Blasts, Rage PlasmaStrengths: Is the Leader of the Red Lantern Corps and is one of the most powerful Lantern Ring wielders to ever exist, Demi-Godlike strength (Even without his Lantern Ring Atrocitus has shown incredible feats of strength, Can lift several tons without his Ring, Can break free of Green Lantern constructs with his Ring, Broke free of Sinestro’s Chains, Overpowered Larfleeze, Ragdolled Bleeze, Overpowered Kyle Rayner when he was a Green Lantern and again when he was a Red Lantern), Demi-Godlike durability (Routinely tanks attacks from the likes of Green Lantern, Survived a Lightning strike from the Spectre, Shrugged off a beating from a casual Lobo, Tanked blows from Apollo, Shrugged off attacks from his entire Lantern Corps), MFTL speeds (Can casually dodge Laser fire, Fought and kept up with the Martian Manhunter, Apollo and the Midnighter simultaneously, Casually outspeeds the likes of Kyle Rayner), Can fly/open portals/survive the vacuum of space via his Ring, His power increases when in the presence of extreme Rage, Gains the powers of other Red Lanterns via ingesting their blood, His Ring can increase/decrease temperature on an extreme scale e.g. snuff out the heat of a Star, His Rage Plasma/Napalm Blood can burn/melt through near anything and is hot enough to burn in the vacuum of Space, Survived the massacre of his people that caused him to become a Red Lantern, Was temporarily the Host of the Butcher, Nearly killed William Hand, Is a constant threat to Hal Jordan and the rest of the Green Lantern Corps.Weaknesses: Wearing a Red Lantern destroys and replaces the wearers heart so removal of the Ring is fatal the majority of the time without intervention of a Blue Lantern or extreme medical aid, If Atrocitus feels any major emotion other than Rage his Ring weakens, Feelings of love are fatal for a Red Lantern, His Constructs can be broken by those with high enough strength and willpower, His Ring’s power is finite and must be routinely charged via his Lantern Battery.Battle begin!“DIE HERETIC!!!”.Another Space Marine comes to attack him, another Corpse Worshipper comes to die.UltraMarine, Space Wolf, Black Templar, he cared not of which Chapter his prey came from or how many dared to face him at a time, this time a small Squad of Salamanders had found him and like every time before he dispatched them with ease, a single swing of his Chain Axe both reposting the last Salamanders Thunder Hammer and driving it from his grasp, leaving the Marine open to a brutal left hook from the Traitor, the punch having enough force to utterly destroy the Salamanders Helmet and gib his skull within it causing a visceral explosion of blood, brains and skull fragments to stain his green Armour red before his body crashed to the ground.“Blood for the Blood God” Kharne growled as he stepped upon the body of the Salamander and pressed down hard causing a fountain of blood and innards to burst from his neck hole.As he enjoyed the gorey display the Salamanders corpse gave him Kharn then turned as the sound of space tearing open sounded a few metres to his left, looking over the blood covered sands of the Desert Planets surface he saw a portal that spewed gallons of blood opening in thin air before a crimson clad Alien stepped through it holding a brightly glowing Red Lantern.“Kharn the Betrayer!” Atrocitus barked as he set sights on the Daemonic Marine “the Souls of millions murdered by your hand cried out in rage! They demand your head in vengeance!” the Red Lantern declared as he drove his Ring bearing hand into his Lantern to charge the Ring before dissipating the Lantern.In response Kharn just glared at Atrocitus as the Red Lantern approached him, eyeing the smaller being from head to toe whilst gripping the handle of Gorechild tighter.Another sacrifice to Khorne.“Your blood will oil my Axe!” Kharn then barked as he raised his Plasma Pistol to fire upon Atrocitus, the Red Lantern dodging the blast with ease before levitating and flying at the Marine, a Bladed Construct appearing upon his left arm which he then clashed against Gorechilds spinning Teeth, the force of their impact igniting the air for a split second and turning the sand beneath them to glass for several metres in every direction.“I can feel your rage!” he growled with a malicious grin upon his face “burning hotter than the brightest Star! It is glorious!”.“My rage will drown you!” the Berserker declared as the Teeth of Gorechild roared louder against Atrocitus’s Construct, sparks flying between them as the Traitor Legionnaire then raised his Plasma Pistol again aiming at the Red Lantern’s head at point blank range before pulling the trigger.As the shot left the Pistol’s barrel Atrocitus reacted by tilting his head to the side causing the blast to graze his cheek rather than hit him between the eyes, the Lantern letting out an angered growl as he then broke their Weapon lock and struck Kharn hard across the head with his Bladed Construct making the Marine stagger whilst he conjured another Blade on his right arm to duel wield the Constructs.Striking the Constructs together to make sparks in a display of force Atrocitus then bellowed at Kharn as the Marine righted himself, the Lantern ‘vomiting’ a stream of glowing red Plasma from the pit of his gut to which Kharn raised his right hand and Plasma Pistol to shield himself.That proved to be a grave mistake however as he quickly felt the unnatural heat of the Plasma burning through the metal of his Armour, watching as his Pistol melted away to nothingness whilst the metal of his Gauntlet began to steam and warp as he was left with just Gorechild as a Weapon.Shaking his hand to shake off the remaining Plasma Kharn then quickly threw his now empty hand forward to catch one of Atrocitus’s Bladed Constructs as the Lantern lunged forward, the Berserker then snapping the Construct in half causing it to dissipate whilst swinging Gorechild one handed across Atrocitus’s abdomen, the grinding Teeth of the Chain Axe cutting deep into his side and stomach making him exclaim before Kharn grabbed hold of the Lantern’s head to drive it into the ground.Releasing Atrocitus’s head Kharn then clenched his Fist and drove it down aiming to cave the Lantern’s skull in only for a crimson red Barrier to form around him, repelling his Fist before Atrocitus shot through the Barrier with enough force to send the Traitor Marine crashing onto his back as the Red Lantern took to the air.As he rose Atrocitus conjured massive crimson red Fists from his Ring before bringing them down upon Kharn, making the ground shake as they repeatedly beat into the Traitor Marine creating a crater beneath him and burying him deeper into the dirt, the corpses of the Salamander Marines soon joining him as the crater grew large enough to take them as well, their bodies being crushed to pulp by Atrocitus’s brutal assault.Bringing his attack to a halt Atrocitus then dissipated his Fists and floated down to inspect the damage of the now blood filled crater, Kharn nowhere to be seen having either been reduced to a bloody paste or being either deceased or unconscious under the blood pool by the Lantern’s opinion.That was until he noticed the blood pool draining away much faster than naturally possible, the crimson liquid giving way to reveal Kharn still standing straight as the blood was drained and filtered straight into his Armour to heal any wound he had suffered from Atrocitus’s attack.“Blood for the Blood God” the Berserker seethed before activating the thrusters on the back of his Armour to send himself skyward with Gorechild poised to cut through the Red Lantern, Atrocitus covering himself in a spherical Shield to block the attack only for Kharn’s sheer strength to power straight through it, shattering the Shield and driving Gorechild’s spinning Teeth against the Lantern’s face before driving him to the ground with it, cracking the Earth beneath him as he then stood on Atrocitus’s chest and raised his Chain Axe high aiming to cleave the Lantern’s head in two vertically.Swinging his Axe down Kharn only made it halfway to his target before Atrocitus threw his hand forward to fire an Energy Blast from his Ring hitting the Marine square in his face, burning his eyes through the Helmets visors making him stumble enough to give the Lantern room to then blast him away with another more powerful shot from his Ring.Righting himself Kharn threw himself back at Atrocitus as the Lantern rose to his feet, the Marine throwing a viscous punch at Atrocitus who simply shot his left hand up to catch it, the force of Kharn’s Fist meeting Atrocitus’s hand creating a small shockwave as the Lantern was unmoved by the attack, a malicious grin lacing his features as he started to push back against the Marine “your Rage, it feeds me” he stated as his power rose, starting to steadily push Kharn’s Fist back before driving his own Fist to the Marine’s chest sending him sliding back across the bloodied sands.As Kharn secured his heels to stop himself he threw his Fist forward again to clash it against Atrocitus’s as the Red Lantern flew at him, making an impact crater around him before the two began to throw wild crushing punches at each one, Kharn driving the end of Gorechild’s handle into the ground to secure it to free his left hand so that he could throw both Fists into the beat down, the sheer force of their blows upon each other causing the ground to shake and crack beneath them.With every blow Atrocitus landed upon him Kharn felt it resonating through his Armour, each hit sending a deep punishing ache through his bones as the Daemonic Metal began to dent and warp, each punch seeming stronger than the last whilst every punch landed upon the Red Lantern felt like he was punching something with the density of a Black Hole.As stated by the Lantern with every second that passed Atrocitus only grew in strength and durability, fed by Kharn’s unholy rage and hatred as he then grabbed hold of the ‘Horns’ atop the Marine’s Helmet and used them to drag him forward into a crushing headbutt, the blow warping the Metal of the Helmet and cracking one of the visors in the eye holes before Atrocitus then threw him back and with a thunderous roar of “BURN IN MY HATE!!!” breathed an all engulfing crimson cloud of Rage Plasma.Roaring out in both rage and pain as the Rage Plasma engulfed him in an all burning cloud Kharn began to feel his Armour start to melt away, the Metal steaming obscenely as the cloud burned hotter than napalm, magna and Daemonic Fire combined.As the cloud engulfed Atrocitus as well Kharn pushed through it, grabbing Gorechild by its now steaming handle to swing at the Lantern through the Plasma.With every blow the two landed on each other the Plasma Cloud lit up as if from a Lightning Strike, showing off their silhouettes as they struck each other over and over again, each flash showing Atrocitus slowly but surely overpowering and overwhelming Kharn as his power continued to rise as he fed from the Traitor Marines anger, eventually even disarming him to claim Gorechild for himself.As Kharn staggered back from being disarmed Atrocitus reeled the Chain Axe back before swinging it so hard that the air pressure it created blew the Plasma Cloud away, the sound of the spinning Teeth of the Axe striking and cutting through the Daemonic Armour that covered Kharn echoing through the air until the sounds of shrieking Metal was joined by that of tearing flesh as Gorechild met its Masters chest, nearly bisecting him before Atrocitus stopped pushing allowing the Traitor Marine to fall to his knees.As Kharn grasped at the handle and tried to pry his Weapon out of his own chest Atrocitus once again grabbed onto the Horns of his Helmet, gripping them tight enough to rend the Metal before he tore the Helmet clean off of the Marine’s head revealing his face for the first time in centuries, his eyes nearly going blind from seeing natural light for the first time in near one thousand years and his skin a beyond ghostly pale.“Such anger, such burning hatred” the Lantern commented as Kharn glared daggers up at him “you would have made a fine addition to my Corps but no, your victims demand vengeance”.With that he took hold of Kharn’s head in a crushingly tight grip before bellowing in his face again, this time vomiting up Plasma in liquid form directly onto his head, the Traitor Marine screaming in agony as his skin promptly burned away swiftly followed by his skull, his incredibly healing factor without access to fresh blood having no chance to resist and heal back from the Rage Plasma as it then ran into his suit to begin burning away his body from within it.Before long there was nothing left of the Khorne Berserker but a smouldering empty suit of Daemonic Power Armour which Atrocitus released to let crumble to the ground, the Red Lantern sneering at it before opening up a Blood Portal to take his leave.Winner: AtrocitusNow I’m sure I’ve made some 40K fans here quite angry...which is fitting for the match up but let me explain why I sided with Atrocitus.When it comes to both Kharn and Atrocitus both combatants are fairly equally matched in each category save for speed for Atrocitus and sheer experience with Kharn, what tipped the favour heavily in Atrocitus’s favour however is both his Red Lantern Ring allowing him to conjure up whatever Weapon he could ever desire at will and the fact that he gets stronger the angrier he gets along with the angrier his opponent gets.And since Kharn is a literal walking tank of sheer anger and hatred his mere presence would be a power buff for Atrocitus meaning that though Kharn could very well overpower and deliver a brutal beat down on the Red Lantern at the start of the fight it wouldn’t be long until Atrocitus got the upper hand and overwhelmed the Traitor Marine.So this time it was Kharn’s own skull that was added to the Skull Throne.
DWOAH: Baraka vs DakenDeadliest warriors of all historyBaraka vs DakenA most savage of Warrior Baraka info:Height: 6 foot 5Weight: 280lbsWeapons: Bare Hands, Fangs, Tarkatan Blades, Bone SpikesStrengths: Is one of the most brutal and ferocious characters of the Mortal Kombat roster, Superhuman strength (Is naturally stronger than a peak human, Manhandled Sonya Blade in their first fight, Can tear off limbs and faces with utter ease, Can break bone with minimal effort, Can shatter Subzero’s Ice, Can harm the likes of Shao Kahn and Kronika), Superhuman durability (Can tank hits from the rest of the Mortal Kombat roster, Can continue fighting after having multiple bones outright shattered, Can continue fighting after being stabbed/throat slit/electrocuted/frozen solid/set on fire, Apparently survived Kung Lao's Fatality after their first fight and had his body stitched back together), Peak human speed/Massively hypersonic reactions (Can keep up with the rest of the Mortal Kombat roster, Can dodge Raiden’s Lightning and Kano’s Lasers), His Blades can regrow in an near instant if snapped off.Weaknesses: Despite their ferocity Tarkatan’s are considered to be one of the weaker races of the Mortal Kombat universe, Can be single minded in combat allowing opponents to outwit him.Daken Akihiro info: Height: 5 foot 9Weight: 167lbsWeapons: Bare Hands, Bone Claws, Adamantium Swords Strengths: Is Wolverine’s biological son and a temporary member of both the Dark Avengers and the Apocalypse Twins, Superhuman strength (Whilst not as strong as Logan Daken possesses incredible physical strength, Severely winded Dark Spider-Man with a throat chop, Threw FrankenCastle through a SWAT car, Threw X-23 against a brick wall so hard it cracked the wall, Can tear through metal with his Claws), Superhuman durability (Whilst not as durable as Logan Daken possesses incredible durability, Was smashed through a wall by Skaar and was fine afterwards, Tanks a Telekinetic attack from Hellion, Has survived multiple fights with his father), Superhuman speed/Massively hypersonic reactions (Can roughly match his father in speed, Can dodge bullets casually, Got the jump on Spider-Man when Peter blinked, Cut off Deadpool’s hand before he could shoot), Possesses an extreme healing factor (Whilst not on parr with Wolverine’s Daken’s healing factor allows him to heal broken bones and flesh wounds in seconds and regrow his Claws even quicker), Possesses superhuman pheromones (Daken’s body can release pheromones that can make normal humans of any gender pliable to his control, His pheromones are strong enough to throw of Peter’s Spider Sense and even manipulate Ares’s temper), Is a master of multiple martial arts and the art of Assassination.Weaknesses: Suffers his father’s weakness to Carbonadium which dramatically slows his healing factor to that of a regular human, Lacks his father’s Adamantium skeleton making him more ‘fragile’ (He routinely breaks his Claws and bones during fights with tougher opponents).Battle begin!The Tarkatan Camp was an utter bloodbath.The bodies of Tarkatan Warriors both male and female lying strewn across the Outworld sands in bloody pieces as a single being still stood alive in the centre of the massacre, his three Claws dripping with Tarkatan blood as he panted lightly with exertion “ok, which one of you ugly bastards is next?” he questioned running a blood soaked hand through his hair as another Tarkatan stepped forward, this one looking far more battle hardened than the others.“Nay akka ratakka tahar kombat!” Baraka snarled as he extended his arm Blades and crossed them over his chest, the action reminding Daken of his father immediately earning his ire.“Ok, in the words of the bastard, bring it bub” the Mutant growled mockingly mimicking his father’s famous nickname for his opponents, his words meaning nothing to Baraka as the Tarkatan charged at him with Blades and Fangs ready to tear into his flesh.Reacting to the wild charge from the Tarkatan Daken spun to avoid it before he swung the Claws of his right hand down upon Baraka’s Blades only for them to be cut clean off against the edge of them, surprising the Mutant before he quickly recovered to backhand Baraka hard across the face making him stagger.Flexing his hand as new Claws erupted out to replace the broken ones Daken then leapt at Baraka to bring his Claws down upon him, slashing and slicing at the Tarkatan sending splatters of blood everywhere to further stain the corpse covered sand until he finally blocked with one of his Blades and raked the other upwards across Daken’s body, cutting a deep clean groove from pelvis to shoulder.As blood erupted from the Mutant’s body Baraka then slashed his other Blade horizontally at Daken’s face, cutting through his cheeks deep enough that the tip of the Blade met where his jaws connected leaving him with a deep Joker's grin before the Tarkatan kicked him back.As Daken staggered back Baraka mockingly licked the blood from his Blades as he watched the Mutant bleed only to stop in surprise as he watched the deep cuts he had left in his opponent close completely, healing as if he had never been wounded “not bad, but I’ve suffered worse” Daken praised him sarcastically grinning wide as his cheek cuts closed up “round 2?”.Letting out an angered snarl Baraka lunged at him again with a flying leap, his Blades poised to run him through only for Daken to block them, hooking the Blades between his Claws before sharply kicking Baraka in the knee, dislocating it with a loud ‘snap!’ before freeing his left Claws and driving them into the Tarkatan’s chest, piercing his lung and making Baraka spit blood as he cried out in pain.Hooking his Claws deeper into Baraka’s chest, Daken then used the leverage to haul him into the air before throwing him over his head to slam him to the dirt, his Claws cutting through his ribs and further perforating his lung.As blood poured from the Tarkatan’s chest Daken raised his right Claws ready to carve out his opponents throat with Baraka suddenly surged both arms forward, ramming both of his Blades through the Mutants stomach before throwing his good leg upwards to kick him in the head hard enough to force him back and remove the Claws from his chest.Once free Baraka hopped back up to stand and forcibly relocated his knee, bringing his leg back into working order before turning to face Daken again, blood pouring down the open wound in his chest as the Tarkatan seemed to still be in perfect fighting condition with only one lung.“Tough bastard aren’t you?” Daken sneered as Baraka scraped his Blades together threateningly.“Your head will decorate Kitana Kahn’s throne!” Baraka barked back before clashing his Blades together, creating sparks that shot towards Daken to which the Mutant sidestepped to avoid them, watching them whiz by leaving him open for Baraka to rush him from the side driving one of his Blades straight through his side and out of the other whilst clamping his Fangs down on Daken’s shoulder, filling his mouth with the Mutants blood before ripping his head back to tear a gorey chunk out of his body.Feral-ly swallowing the chunk of flesh Baraka went in to bite out another when Daken suddenly spun around sharply enough to cause Baraka’s arm Blade to snap off leaving a bleeding hole on his forearm whilst the Mutant tore the Blade out of himself and let the stab wounds heal over.Tossing the Blade aside Daken’s eyebrows raised as Baraka then flexed his arm causing another Blade to burst out of the bloody hole the first one had left, the Tarkatan snarling feral-ly at his opponent before suddenly curling the top half of his body up to flex his shoulders and upper back as Daken rushed at him, the action causing the Bone Spikes that lined his upper body to erupt from his skin like a Shrapnel Grenade scoring Daken several times in the chest, stomach and legs as he leapt up in the air.Powering through being stabbed multiple times by the Bone Spikes Daken brought his Claws down hard upon Baraka’s arms, tearing out the Blades from his forearms as he did so before driving his Claws into the Tarkatan’s stomach and lifting him into the air.As blood poured down his body Baraka fought through the pain and grabbed at Daken’s face, digging his fingers in deep before pulling back hard to completely rip the Mutants face clean off of his skull, the action making Daken recoil allowing Baraka to kick him hard enough in the chest to shatter his ribcage and free himself from his Claws.Upon his feet hitting the ground Baraka flexed his arms again sprouting two new Blades before rushing at the Mutant again slashing and flailing his Blades in a flurry aiming to carve his enemy into pieces.In response Daken sheathed his Claws and reached back as he regrew his face, waiting until Baraka was upon him before unsheathing two Silvery Swords from his back and swinging them, cutting Baraka’s arm Blades in half with ease before swinging them both downwards as the Tarkatan passed him.Coming to a stop a few feet away Baraka stared down in shock at his now cleanly sliced Blades before then exclaiming in pain as his forearms then fell to the floor, both of them neatly cut at the elbow leaving him literally disarmed before Daken’s Adamantium Swords were rammed through his body from behind to impale him.“That was a pretty good face off trick you did there, how about I give it a try?” Daken then growled as he roughly spun Baraka around to face him before grabbing the Tarkatan by the face and tearing his face clean off before he could bite at his hand, leaving Baraka screaming as his exposed facial muscles and eyes spurted blood everywhere only to be silenced as Daken suddenly took a firm hold of his face by the bottom jaw.“You know, you look better without your face” the Mutant then stated mockingly before suddenly unsheathing all three Claws of the hand holding Baraka’s face, sending them straight through the Tartaton’s head making him freeze up as two of the Claws cut into his brain.With the Tarkatan’s head impaled on his Claws Daken then pulled violently upwards to rip Baraka’s head clean off of his shoulders, leaving his neck stump fountaining blood as his body fell to the sand whilst Daken took a moment to admire his severed head.After a moment he then tossed the head to the sand and brandished his Claws again at the remaining Tarkatan’s who were watching on in shock “now, who’s next?”.Winner: DakenNow this was a bit of a shitstomp wasn’t it?Don’t get me wrong, with his sheer strength, durability and tenacity Baraka could give Daken one hell of a fight but being able to survive being Clawed and ripped to shreds and deal out the same doesn’t really mean much when Daken can heal that damage whilst Baraka can’t.Meaning from when the battle started it was simply a countdown until Daken dished out the fatality.
Evil Artisan craft
Wrong Turn (sculpture) by JoeEyeStepOnMonsters
Gaston ooak doll by CyberRaven
Dread closing in by JoeEyeStepOnMonsters
Dark Duo by CyberRaven
Evil Comics Cartoons and flash
Tiarasss by Tenebris-Funduction
Mizore Ito (Misery-chan) - The Glare (Page 3) by SketchMeNot-Art
Mizore Ito (Misery-chan) - The Glare (Page 2) by SketchMeNot-Art
Mizore Ito (Misery-chan) - The Glare (Page 1) by SketchMeNot-Art
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The Sultry Ladies of 90's Arcades (Full View) by hombre-blanco
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Morph Animation - Kao by SketchMeNot-Art
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Ash Painting by DRIFTIMP
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No More! Order 134 by Lordamus


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