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Rainbows in Space: a wallpaper

By evil-goma
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Some long forgotten thing I drew that I decided to turn into a wallpaper. Sort of lame. I just squished it to one side of the screen and filled the rest with magic rainbow sparkles :D

hmm. Maybe I should draw another comic page soon.
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iiChymera's avatar
Stunning, and I love that the background isn't typical space black.
passerby13's avatar
The layers of colours and the amount of parts that grab my attention is just amazing.
This is just fun to look at, Excellent work! :)
vaydraw's avatar
this is now my wallpaper :)
talkativestrawberri's avatar
This is very gorgeous. Nice graphic design.
phoenixmemory's avatar
This is... 'kickass' doesn't exactly fit... 'sweet' isn't strong enough... 'wicked cool' makes me sound like a poser... well, idk.

Me likey.
leaf-lover's avatar
I love the retro style the bright colours gives the piece. :P)
SMann's avatar
dude this work really well
i like how its squished to one side since my icons in habit the other side of my screen
UBOA-CHAN's avatar
it looks like the katamari damacy king of all cosmos exploded into space XD

*puts as wallpaper*
WOAH!! suweeet!! HOT!! DEYMN!! how'd you do this sh*T!! ohmahgud goin' crazy right now waaahh LOVE it!!
peanutcroissants's avatar
Oh my. That's so pretty. I love it. It's my wallpaper now, btw. (;
emokidswill's avatar
my background looks amazing now c:
Sussi's avatar
Awsome! *Adds aswallpaper* :heart: Really nice colors and shapes!
the-sequel's avatar
can i use this as a background for a new iant id im making???? :D
evil-goma's avatar
I'm not sure what you mean, but go ahead X]
lame..?? how so..
i thnk this is awesome!!!
keep up the good work..
Wow! It's cool.. can I use this as my wallpaper for my assignment in jsp? I'll give credit to you.. thanks...
evil-goma's avatar
can I ask what jsp is first?
stepHAHAnie's avatar
Very, very good! :)
riquers's avatar
Great!!! Nice colors!
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