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These are piece sof Evil Genius artwork that we have not yet got permission to feature in Main Gallery. This might chance in the future, so please enjoy this fan art.


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This is a Fan Group for Fans of the videogame 'Evil Genius the World Domination Simulation', 'Evil Genius Online' and the upcoming 'Evil Genius 2: World Domination'.…

Developed by Elixir Studios in 2004, Evil Genius is a Base Building-Management Game best described as Dungeon Keeper meets James Bond. You are the eponymous evil genius, and it is your job to construct a villainous lair in an active volcano, recruit henchmen, steal priceless treasures, hold the world for ransom, and fight off pesky super agents. Also, you need to keep your minions well-trained and happy, because the looting and ransoming won't take care of itself.

Notable for a quirky sense of humor mixed with classically over-the-top megalomanical villainy. Everything has a '60s vibe to it, and the forces of justice are just as stereotypical as your own minions.

There's also a great deal of freedom and a wide range of methods you can use to complete your overarching goal. Want to run a fortress island with massive numbers of armed guards, machinegun emplacements, and horrifying freaks of nature, all emphasizing firepower? Perfectly reasonable. Want a deadly secluded island filled with martial arts disciples? Feel free! Want to beguile your enemies with squads of elite deceptive social minions who will leave their heads spinning and questioning their loyalty? That's also perfectly viable. Want to set a thousand deadly traps and twisty, mystifying corridors that will leave the forces of justice lost, confused, and very very dead? Nothing's stopping you. You're allowed to either discard the Villain Ball with prejudice or wrap both hands around it and run straight for the end zone.…

With Evil Genius 2 almost here it time for us Evil Genius Fans come out of hidden and try to take over the world once again.

Today Deviantart, Tomorrow the World!





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MrJohnSteele Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2019
I found an archive of The Official Prima Guidebook for Evil Genius. Very in-depth walkthrough along with character backstories and tips. If I’m not mistaken, this was the official strategy book for the game. There are random typos on the archive version though. I might revise it in its entirety for the blog section of the group.…
MrJohnSteele Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2019
Here's an Evil Genius: Objective X Playlist on Youtube: