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Veni, Vidi, Vici!

:iconrainbowdashsaluteplz::iconsaysplz: "We, who are about to completely own, salute you!"
:iconlunasmilesplz::iconsaysplz: "Blood sports are fun."

There were two things that really inspired this picture, recently I've been playing a new game(well, new to me) called SMITE, it's a MOBA where you play as the ancient mythological gods(Thor, Hercules, Anubis etc.) and there is a game mode based on the gladiator battles in the Colosseum. Also I saw an amazing painting that was painted from the perspective of a losing gladiator, but no matter how hard I've searched for it I cannot find it, which sucks because I really liked it :/.


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Thank you! :D it's definitely one of my favorite pieces.
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i fucking love this
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Thank you! It's definitely one of my favorite pieces.
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Are you not entertained?
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Story idea... curses.

Nicely done!
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:iconrainbow-dashplz::iconsaysplz:I came, I saw, I hit him right dead in the jaw!
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I watch it for the commentary.
"Y'know," started the pegasus, deftly dodging all of the Diamond Dog's swings. "I've got a motto here in the arena. 3 words buddy. Veni," she charged into an opening and landed a powerful blow to his solar plexus, winding him, "Vidi, " she slammed her hoof into the side of his head, knocking his helmet off, "Vici." and landed an uppercut on his jaw, sending him into the sand, unconcious. "It means, I came, I saw, I conquered. 3 words, three blows. No one beats the Dash." she said landing in the sand smugly.
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Rainbow thirst of fame and glory brought her here. Gonna get hurt somehow.

Wonderful work
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Woah, this is awesome! Clap 
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this piece, i can almost hear you working on it 

"dot, another dot, another dot, another dot, another dot, another dot, another dot, another dot, another dot, another dot, another dot, another dot, another dot ....."

looks realyl cool tho.

to be more specific:
rainbows wings could have used more work, they look very flat to me, with the eatehrs only painted onto them. 
sharper details as can be seen on the clothes of the diamond dog or Dashes bandages could have really helped out.
the wings also seem to not add up with the general lighting from above .

the arena on the other hand came out very well :) 

Keep it going, i want to see more like this :D
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Thankfully I was able to manipulate a brush to help move the crowd making process along so it wasn't quite so tedious, but it still took quite a while.

Yeah, I see what you mean. I just wish I wasn't at a convention with it as my newest print when I realized this :/.

Thanks :D
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np, keep it up :)
We are live in the arenas of Dressrosa, or Olympus Coliseum I can't decide.
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Whoa, awesome! I now have a sudden urge to go and watch Gladiator =P Awesome work, I really like the detail you've put in~
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:iconcuteprouddashplz::iconsaysplz:I have beaten him! Would you see him live, or die?
:iconrdwhutplz::iconsaysplz:Is that a "thumbs up," or a "thumbs down?"
Stupid hooves...:iconthinksendplz:
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Luna, "At least she not dreaming of beating up endless hordes of changelings again, that would be awkward to explain to those who want to assimilate." 
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