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Twilight Sparkle, Crystal Empress V2.0

:iconevil-dec0y: :iconsaysplz: "Now I know for absolute certain, that everything's going to be just fine..."

I'm very happy with the way that this has turned out:D!

I've been wanting to update my old "Twilight Sparkle, Crystal Empress" picture for a while now, but was never able to get around to it, but that all changed when the fire nation attacked because my internet was down for over a week, and I wanted to do something that wouldn't take much design research.

Which this thankfully didn't require because most all of the posing was already done by me months ago:D.

I did change it to an indoors piece, because with the last one it was probably more than a bit confusing as to why it was done outside, also rather than a crystal palace I decided to go with a more gothic setting(not the like the modern version of the word "gothic", but rather closer to the truer sense of the word).

If there was one thing that I'm disappointed in most with this picture, it's definitely the fires in the braziers, I really need to practice on making a more realistic looking fire.


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I'd like to order a Zant and the entire Twilight Realm as well please! WE NEED A HOSTILE TAKEOVER!!!
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The evil Crystal Empress Twilight Sparkle. She's sitting in her throne.

Darkness rises!

An awesome fan art. Very good indeed. Cool! :iconoctaviaclapplz:

(Inner sanctum by Behemoth)

Regular throne.
Crystal throne:…
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Thank you :D!
What do you mean by "(Inner sanctum by Behemoth)"?
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Just a song, just thinking when I look at this as a cover art for a song. :iconoctaviaplz:
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The way she sits on the throne reminds of the jarls in Skyrim. Its so cool! :D
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You became the bad pony, you're great!…
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Her abdomen looks uncomfortably human, but other than that, it's GRRRRREAT! :iconfrostedflakeplz:
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Well Equestrian Ponies ARE Partially bi-pedal.
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Nah, that's just Lyra.
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Actually that's pretty much every and mean EVERY CHARACTER I've ever seen in the series!
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Yeah, I tried to keep it pony looking and away from anthro, but it's an unfortunate side effect of the position she is in.

I could've had her sitting in Lyra's famous position but then I think the intimidation factor would've have suffered, lol.

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Hahaha Yeah, Lyra isn't too terribly threatening. Then again...…
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this need definitely more views =/
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Maybe twilight sparkle is just like darth revan was good all along

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I'm hoping Disney rewrites the Starwars timeline...
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I am deleting your picture from my favourite list, because I am not going to write that story, I am not going to write any MLP fanfic story. I am purging my deviantart page from most mlp stuff right now. I just don't want to see it any more.

It was a good idea, and this is beautiful drawn. I don't wanna debate the twilicorn supporters, I don't want to look at it, I havn't for a long time. MLP is dead to me

You know I learned something today.
When things go so bad that you don't even want to make fun of it anymore, then there is really nothing left, not even hate. Goodbye.
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I'm sorry that you feel that way.

Hopefully one day your feelings change on it, or we join another fandom and our paths cross again.

Happy trails whichever way it turns out.

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