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Trixie Vs. Zecora

I think Trixie may be getting a little too into that.

It's hard to rock a rhyme, it's Trixie!

Oh Trixie, you can't just declare yourself the winner like that.

Yes that is the Scumbag Steve hat, I find it rather suiting for Trixie though

This one was pretty fun to make, between Zecora and "thug" Trixie it was nice doing some thing a little different.

I learned some new tricks while making this one that will improve my speed and quality hopefully :)

I'm trying a new font out but I don't know if it is a noticeable improvement or not, but I think I like so I ill keep it for now.

Here are the links to the other Trixie Vs. comics:

Colgate: [link]

Derpy 1: [link]

Derpy 2: [link]

Pinkie Pie: [link]

Berry Punch: [link]

Fluttershy: [link]

Discord: [link]

The Cutie Mark Crusaders: [link]

Tools used: Pencil and paper, GIMP, MS paint

Update: Thank you Equestria daily for the feature! And thank you everyone else for the favs, comments, watches, views, and downloads :D

MLP© and it Characters belong to Hasbro©.
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Chop-Chop Onion comes in and says, “Trixie! You never return my phone calls! So now eat bullets, and lick my balls!”
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Well, Trixie's not wrong... :XD:
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Rapper-Trixie's change of wardrobe is neat. Glad to see you can think on your feet.
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I was wondering if I could do a comic dub of this?
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Epic Rap battles of HISTORY
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Shouldnt that be: Epic Rap Battles of Equestria. :D
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If Equestria had Tomodachi Life.
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Where's the report button? I'd like to spam it right now.
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It's under the deviation's stats on the right hand side of the page.
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Why would you disrespect rap music like that, horse-fucker?
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I too hate horses. Wanna go get some beer?
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No, horse-fucker.
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Well i like coca cola. So theres that.
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because it is shite
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I'll tell you what. This isn't rap, this is crap, go fap to your pony porn, you little shat.
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add a deeze nuts and you GET EEEM
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That doesn't even rhyme, so go buy a tie and stop being a brony or die.
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Hm.. while your mixtape is so fire that it boiled a bowl of ramen noodles, my flow is so flame that i toasted a strudel.
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You got some food from my mix, cool, but boot up your kicks because your taking a queue for sicks, fool.
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Damn son, you almost just won with that one. gotta let you know that now im gonna bringing out the big guns.
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