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Trixie Vs. Hearth's Warming Eve: Year 6 (Finale)

Well there it is, another year's 'Trixie Vs. Hearth's Warming Eve' in the bag. It's been a big one this year, I hope yall enjoyed it. I tried to give this one a feeling more like an episode of the show rather than a web comic, and I'm happy with how it turned out. But this year's is easily the biggest (65 panels, 6 comics, and a gif).

Merry Christmas everyone!

Part one can be found here:  Trixie Vs. Hearth's Warming Eve: Year 6 (Part 1) by Evil-DeC0Y


I've compiled the previous years of 'Trixie Vs. Hearth's Warming Eve' into one gallery:…


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Aww.... This scene calls for a group hug ending. :)
Trixie isn't self-absorbed. She's merely oblivious to her surroundings! Which is why she didn't notice that Ursa Minor in Boast Busters right away! But, when she did, she made sure to stay there, selflessly laying down her life to protect the two morons that had led it to her wagon! Of course, thankfully for the two moronic children and Spike, who had convinced said moronic children to lead it into town in the first place, no one died, but that's because it was a children's cartoon show. They couldn't show what would actually happen if two morons led a dangerous wild animal into town. (That being that people would have died.  Most likely the foals and Trixie, unfortunately).
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And later, Starlight and Trixie had their own happy ending, nudge-nudge, wink-wink, 'nuff said, say no more
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Aww, that was so sweet. I love it~
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Hnng :3  Love it!! :D    Awesome job again Evil-DeCOY ^_^ :D <3
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And then we learn that the reason they are so forgiving is because it was at that moment they both realised: "Shit, we forgot to buy presents for Trixie."
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Pony Trixie Lulamoon Happy Emoticon. "Trixie loves you guys"?
:iconstarlightsnobbishplz: "I love you too, Trixie! And you too, Sunburst"!
this is a sunburst smiling "I...I love you guys, too"!

Pinkie pie (the Fourth Wall) plz "THAT'S what Hearth's Warming is all about"!
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*wipes a tear* Beautiful! But I'm so frustrated that we STILL don't know "Ghost's" real name!

Also... it took me FOREVER to notice, but she's wearing Trixie's gift from Year 4! That's so adorable! :heart:
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merry christmas
And in Ponyville they say that Trixie's heart grew point three sizes that day.

It wore off two days later.
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MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Frustrated Upset Slam "Crud! I was hoping it would last longer than that"!
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Oh that was adorable, very nicely done.
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Aww, at least Trixie has a happy ending. :)
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:icontrixiesmileplz "Happy Hearth's Warming to all, and to all a good night"!
We all know why Sunburst is there and both Starlight and Sunburst woke up and came out at the same time.  We know exactly why. 
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:icontrixieeyerollingplz: "...and why Sunburst is naked"!
Well looks like Trix finally got there...BETTER LATE THAN NEVER RIGHT???
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anyone imagine boris karoff reading those words?
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that was defintiely warming to the heart bone there man.
merry holiday to all, whatever it may be, whatever your traditions are. for if they bring you peace of mind this year, so be it
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Says the grinch. Merry Christmas, decoy!
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