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Trixie Vs. Hearth's Warming Eve: Finale (Part 9)
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Published: March 13, 2019
Previous Part:  Trixie Vs. Hearth's Warming Eve: Finale (Part 8) by Evil-DeC0Y
The first Trixie Vs. Hearth's Warming(2012): Trixie Vs. Hearth's Warming Eve by Evil-DeC0Y

So here it is, the culmination of over six years of a story(this makes it sound like there was a plan all along, as opposed to me just winging it every year like I actually did).

This is easily the biggest comic I have ever made, by almost ten panels. So necessary to say there's a lot to get into here in the description. (Also I'm sorry if it takes a while to load being such a large file, but please try to avoid the description before you read the comic to avoid spoilers). All together this year had over 130 panels, almost double the second highest.

First of all, from the comments I got over the course of this year's 'TvHWE', it was obvious to me there were going to be some people who aren't happy with the ending. Some people wanted a bittersweet ending where Ghost Aunt Bea still died in the blizzard but Trixie still manages to become a good pony. While some were wanting other less happy conclusions.
I apologize that this may not have been the climax you wanted, but I'm not going to lie, I'm an absolute sucker for a happy ending, especially in Christmas stories(I cry watching It's a Wonderful Life' every year).

With only so many panels and Trixie being at her parent's house I wasn't able to make as many differences to "the timeline" as I would've liked. I threw a few things in there, like I added taped pictures to the mirror in Trixie's room(each with a little bit of Aunt Bea in them), and Jack Pot not being worried about blizzards anymore.

I realize there are some unanswered questions, but I wanted to make sure all of the big ones were taken care of, and I didn't want to make a whole extra comic that just turned into a "Question and Answers" segment. I do have actual answers for the questions that I didn't get to in this comic, so instead what I will be doing is answering any questions yall might have in the comments.

As I said last year in the journal concerning the future of 'Trixie Vs. Hearth's Warming', I'm not closing the door on it, I can easily see me putting out shorter comics come future Christmases. I just do not believe I'll do anymore with the size or seriousness(since this is at it's heart a light comedy) of this year, or last year's story of Trixie trying to steal Hearth's Warming.

With this story starting as just a funny spoof of 'A Christmas Carol' I thought ending it with a relevant quote from the book would be fitting. 

I've compiled all of the previous years of TvHWE into a single folder and it can be found here: www.deviantart.com/evil-dec0y/…
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Comments (76)
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"You've helped make Trixie a better person and friend"
And you still didn't ditch the arrogant as fuck third person speech? C'mon who's going to believe this shit.
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Evil-DeC0Y|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I dont know how familiar you are with the series but in 'Trixie Vs.' its a running joke that Trixie doesnt even realize she speaks in the third person.
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DAY-um. That was feels.
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Whew. That was a ride. Glad you finally finished it. Thanks for all the cool comics over the years.
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So Trixie's Christmas ghost was actually her aunt this whole time? And somehow Ghost is aware of her being a Christmas ghost or whatever (sorry, you know how time travel can be confusing).
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Aww... This is truly a heart warming ending. I love it! :)
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Envirotech|Hobbyist Photographer
Hnnng <3 <3 <3 what an ending!! :D  ^_^   happy cry on that one.. Also yeah that was one hell of a quesadilla maker ;)  Awwww yisss!!! :D   ^_^  haha   Great comic, always looked forward to reading those Christmas time..  Probably still will for the memories now.. :3
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we need aunty of trixie more and pass more time togeter and meet her friend starlight!
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And it turns out Trixie's meddling with times is why *SPOILERS FOR SEASON 9 PREMIERE* King Sombra is still alive.
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How sweet.
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Hark the herald Angels sing!  Glory to the new born King!
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Kyoshyu|Hobbyist General Artist
D'aaaaw. :)
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FileSurface's avatar
Nice ending.
Now... Now I have to be upset that there's one fewer good pony things out there to look forward to.
Still great to see it come to completion. Well done. Well done indeed.
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Awww, that was sweet :D
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Wow, this ending got me misty eyed. 
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That was a very nice ending
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One of the most beautiful things i've ever read.
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This is a beautiful finish to the arc- thank you for creating it!
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Thanks for the adventure.
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webkilla|Hobbyist General Artist
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BatBewbs|Hobbyist General Artist
Man, this comic has been going for such a long time. I'm going to miss coming back to it each year. :(

But I'm glad to see it end on such a happy and upbeat note! Really wonderful. Thank you for giving us all these years of awesome comics!
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JoeEngland|Professional General Artist
Aw.  Merry Christmas!
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this was truly an amazing series, im a little sad to see its over, but i love the ending.
thank you for giving us these lovely comics.
please keep up the great work
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jimmyhook19202122|Student General Artist
Heh. I wouldn't mind seeing a Trixie Vs. Nightmare Night series :3
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