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Trixie Vs. Hearth's Warming Eve 5

For those of you who didn't read my last journal this comic may be a bit surprising. (Here's the journal:… )
TL;DR I didn't have my laptop back in December so I couldn't do my annual 'Trixie Vs.' Christmas special, so rather than wait until next Christmas and having a gap year I decided to release it in spring.

After the least few Hearth's Warming Eves that they've gone through I think Trixie and the spirit needed a year off from the craziness and have a simple and relaxing one for a change.

In 'A Christmas Carol' Dickens ends his story with Scrooge keeping Christmas in his heart all year, so maybe there isn't anything too wrong with this comic coming out in spring. 
And, hey, if it just so happens to be Christmastime when you're reading this then Merry Christmas to you!

(Trixie's new wagon is so much more detailed than her old one D: )


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white-tigress-12158's avatar
But its been awhile and they have nachos! 
DisneyFanatic2364's avatar
Evil-DeC0Y's avatar
I'm so so sorry I'm only just now responding to this. I took a break from dA after the holidays and by the time I came back I had completely forgotten to reply to the messages I had.

Thank you very much for this, I love your dubs, and also I love the way your dubs are able to bring my comics more life and depth!
Envirotech's avatar
Hehe I look forward to these soooo much!! :D  Great work as always.  <3  that ghost!! she's too cute.
Hey, at 1 AM you've got the whole bowling alley to yourselves. What better time is there to go bowling?
DrX-Raven's avatar
Raven: Seven?! Eight?! You know, times where creatures are actually ALIVE?!
Kyoshyu's avatar
...that finale. :D
ScottWolf's avatar
Trixie: A better question is why don't you want to go bowling at one in the morning?
Raph13th's avatar
Hah, this is great. 

Good stuff indeed. 
Th3iPoDM0N's avatar


Georgfelis's avatar
So I guess the bowling date was a....

Strike out?
Limeneroade's avatar
I love new trixie vs comics.  She's really done good lately.
beariot's avatar
You'd think this ghost would be friends with the Luna of Hearth's Warming Future.  They could do two on two.
Hehe, too late. Ah already got da best shoes in this piece.... >8)
At this point "Ghost" is already part of The Great and Powerfull Trixie family. Also Starlight you were the one that decided to make friends with The Great and Powerfull Trixie, now acept the consequences.
Also it's a shame "Ghost" is not using the present The Great and Powerfull Trixie gave her last hearth's warming eve.
Evil-DeC0Y's avatar
:iconapplejacklieplz: Thats uh... because... she totally left it at home in her jewelry box so that nothing bad happened to it. And definitely not because I didnt think to include it, nope not at all.
NuvaPrime's avatar
yes, Starlight, she wants to go bowling with a ghost. YOU made her your best friend, now YOU will go bowling with her and a ghost at 1:00 AM on Hearth's Warming-!! LEARN TO ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR POOR LIFE CHOICES!!!
beariot's avatar
Poor?  Bowling with Trixie and her ghost at 1AM on Hearth's Warming Eve sounds amazing.
NuvaPrime's avatar
Oh indeedy it does, but so long as Starlight doesn't see it that way, as far as she's concerned, its poor, and she made that decision, and she has to live with it. The sweetest karma is the kind that makes even the most awesome scenarios unbearable 
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