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Trixie Vs. Fluttershy



HOLY CRAP!!!! One day short of four weeks since I started work on this one.
I made improving the quality top priority on this one, well after writing of course, there is no use in a good looking yet poorly written comic lol.

Fun Fact: I gave names to the two butterflies. I named the big red one Mary and the small pink one Posie, on account of the fact that the spanish word for butterfly is mariposa.

This will be the last "Trixie Vs." comic for a little while, because I've had a lot of other comic ideas building up for several months, and it takes me forever to make comics appearently. But there will be no changes in the "Ask Trixie from Trixie Vs." Tumblr blog (Found here > [link] ). I will be resuming this series after I make one or two other comics.

Directors Cut: In the original version, the last two panels were cut and it ended with Trixie realizing too late what Fluttershy meant by "taking care of", and it would've ended with poor Mary being "taken care of" by some unmentioned method before the two ponies met back up later. But I had decided to change it. for a couple reasons;

1. Many people would've found it unpleasant and therefore would've thought the comic was a downer

2. I couldn't do something like that to Fluttershy. Even if it was a made up butterfly in a made up comic and I would've never made any panels where she found out about it.

3. and mostly I just wanted to make an old-school villian's death trap. I had considered a table with an magnifying glass above it with a sun beam about to hit the butterfly, but at the last second changed it to the classic "tied to a log in a saw mill" death trap.

Tools used: Pencil, Paper, MS paint, GIMP

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Trixie: Even Trixie would not harm a butterfly!