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Trixie Vs. Discord

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Published: August 27, 2012
Ta-Da! The Great and Powerful Trixie returns! :icontrixieclapplz:

There are a lot of firsts for me with this one, the biggest being Discord, I was surprised by difficult he was to make.

I've had this comic planned for a very long time but wasn't sure how to do most of it, and then it dawned on me that I have no idea if Trixie and/or Discord will be making an appearance on the show soon. So I wanted to make this before any thing canon might have rendered this idea unusable.

I was going to have more faces and catagories on the "scheme" panel, there were even some I took away after already making them, but I ran out of space so I thought I'd include some here in the description:

Doughnuts: Spike and Donut Joe

Gourmet Desserts: Gustav the Griffon and Mulia Milds

There were also more faces in existing catagories but I removed those to.

I've got to say I came up with Discord's 4th wall breaking line after trying to come up with a way to explain how he was at one of Trixie's shows, and I thought
"This sucks, I have to come up with something not relevant to the comic at all, that will take up a panel that could be used for a joke or reaction, just so that people wont complain about it not making sense. Why don't they just stop overanalyzing things and accept that it's just a joke comic and go with it."

Tools used: Pencil, Paper, MS paint, GIMP

Here are the links to the other Trixie Vs. comics:

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Also yes, I'm aware that a plot isn't an actual part of the horse anatomy, I did it for the lulz.

Edit: I added an extra M to the M.M.M.M., I forgot about the mascarpone. I also added some blush to Trixie in the last panel.

MLP© and it Characters belong to Hasbro©.
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DustyDuchessHobbyist Digital Artist
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love the plot joke!;P

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fanfics4everHobbyist General Artist
never saw Sugar being used in zap apple jam.
Honey, yes.
Sugar, no.
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Evil-DeC0YHobbyist Digital Artist
Well, teeeechinically there is sugar in honey, you just don't have to add it yourself. ;)
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Radar has picked up a helicopter going soi soi soi.
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CardmasterWildHobbyist Artist
"I like your plot". The damage is done. Trixie might now think that Discord has the hots for her.
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trixie is good now tho
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McOuchiesStudent Digital Artist
That was pretty good!  XD
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Diana173076Professional Artist
Um...what does M.M.M.M stand for?
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Evil-DeC0YHobbyist Digital Artist
M.M.M.M. is the cake from the episode 'Mmmmystery on the friendship express'. The one where Pinkie and Twilight try to solve the mystery of who took a bite out of the cake.
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Diana173076Professional Artist
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"Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness".
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CardmasterWildHobbyist Artist
I knew it had something to do with that episode. Only thing was that I couldn't remember what kind of dessert pinkie baked.
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Diana173076Professional Artist
Okay then
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MattX125Student General Artist
Well they're shipped.

Discord:hey Trixie,wanna join my DISCORD server?,eh? Get it? DISCORD? cause discord is a chat app and my name is discord.
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edmundthebestHobbyist Digital Artist
What M.M.M.M
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edmundthebestHobbyist Digital Artist
That explains fluttershy, rarity, and rainbow dash.
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Fraterna25Student Writer
Je je je je je je Cool LOL Ja ja ja ja ja ja :)
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