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Trixie Vs. Chrysalis (part 2)

Trixie Vs. Chrysalis:

Part 1:…
Next part:…

This part was actually two different updates but due to tumblr's limitations on the number of panels in one post I broke it into two, but now that it is being uploaded here I can finally put the two together the way they were meant to be enjoyed.

I'll be uploading the rest of this story in the next few days, I'll be sure to update the description with the links to them as they come out.

And if you're interested in the link to the 'Ask Trixie From Trixie Vs.' blog that this comes from here you go: ask-trixie-from-trixie-vs.tumb… 

And finally here are the links to my other Trixie Vs. comics:

Caution: Many of these are some of my really old comics so they look awful, if you have eyes that are sensitive to poor quality art I recommend discretion when clicking on the links.


Derpy 1:…

Derpy 2:…


Pinkie Pie:

Berry Punch:…



Hearth's Warming Eve 1:…

Hearth's Warming Eve 2 (part 1):…

Hearth's Warming Eve 2 (part 2):…



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jimmyt3z1's avatar
I believe that you made a mistake on the first panel. DISCORD is Q.
MiragePotato's avatar
scrunchy chryssy :3
DisneyFanatic2364's avatar
Can I do a dub of the whole Trixie vs. Chrysalis saga?  Please?  I promise it'll be better than the Discord dub.
TheFloweyfanclub's avatar
Warriors77495's avatar
Do you want some aloe vera? XD
MARZillao's avatar
ooooooooooh! Trixie, you just got snapped!!!!
TheWrathOfPurple's avatar
That was a really low blow...
Grimmjow-thesexta's avatar
I bad with canon MLP. Was Trixie even around at that point?
MasterChief01's avatar
Yeah, about that.......
Did Trixie drink some chocolate milk in that last panel?
The-Epic-Derp's avatar
1cosmiconsciousness's avatar
Funny you said that.
J4B's avatar
That last one had me laugh out loud.
LillyGeneva's avatar
Doesn't ring any bells...
:iconattentionhorse4plz::iconattentionhorse5plz::iconattentionhorse6plz:I get it
Kyoshyu's avatar
...that last part, pffft! :D
streetsweep237's avatar
Trixie has became the annoying orange! XD
1cosmiconsciousness's avatar
streetsweep237's avatar
hello? confusing chrysalis as celestia, wasn't even at the royal wedding, and gets her angry about her not defeating celestia, ring any bells?
Hit the nail on the head there.
AqomXG's avatar
The expresion of trixie in the last panel is very cute
RMOB's avatar
"Qh Trixie's gosh!"
That one makes crack me up.
Acacia-Rabbit-Desert's avatar
Trixie: ookay....
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