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The Golden Times

Hey! Here's that one picture I said I was gonna work on! Nope, it totally isn't another picture I just started on after I gave up on the other one that was actually the one I said I would make. :iconapplejacklieplz:

I realized the other day that I haven't made any pictures that have all of the mane six in it, sure I've made comics and commissions with them, but no single art pieces. I mean, I have pictures with Sombra and Cheerilee, Sorin and the chimera, and even one with Zecora, Cheese Sandwich, Daring Do and Trixie all together, but not one of the mane six. That's messed up.

I had the hardest time trying to come up with a name for this picture. While I was making it the file name was just "Stained glass" and I didnt think that wouldnt be a good name. It took me almost an hour of racking my brain to think of this one.

Clarification: The title of this is in no way implying that I think the show is not as good now as it was when Lauren Faust worked on it. That isnt my belief and if that was then I wouldnt have given Twilight her wings. The title was originally going to be 'Halcyon Days' to infer that to two best times in Equestria's history was when Fausticorn and the two princesses ruled(which isnt my head canon, just what this picture is supposed to be) and the other time is when the Mane six exist.

Update: I've uploaded the stained glass in the background by itself in case anyone was interested in seeing it…

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I thought Rarity is a zombie
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Sooo awesome!! :D   Reminds me of when I first found the show back in January 2012 ^_^   Great art!! :D
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Cute and awesome!
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It's really amazing work!
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I miss the good old days
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Wonderful work.

In Fausticorn we trust.
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If this is "The Golden Times", then why Twilight have wings?
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She does have wings...Take a closer look at her body!
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it's beautiful <3
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Rolling golden times.
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This is really pretty!
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Great job here, this looks like a scene from the comics almost 
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I consider that a great compliment, thank you :)
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Dang!  Nice job!
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