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Hard Knocks

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Published: November 12, 2013

:icontrombone1plz::icontrombone2plz::icontrombone3plz: "wah wah WAAAAAAHH"


So I've finally decided to actually learn how to use my art tablet that I've had for a few months, this is the first thing that I've used my tablet with, though it was still mostly refined with a mouse and the path tool.

I've had this joke ready to be made into a comic for almost a year now, I remember trying it out on my niece and nephew(they're both kids), and for about 5 or 6 months afterwards you could not mention a knock-knock joke without them trying to pull this. It became very annoying, so I sympathize with Trixie on this one.



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Derpy, you so funny.

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I do this sometimes to mess with people, it is never not funny
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I also have one knock knock.
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How do you know where I live!?
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PinkieThePowerpuffStudent Artist
Good one Derpy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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DevianPony02Hobbyist General Artist
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That was worth a laugh. Thank you.
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WollicaHobbyist General Artist
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Liliflower1Hobbyist Writer
XD Best. joke. EVAH!!
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Somehow I knew this was gonna happen XD
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RainbowDash533Hobbyist General Artist
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PonkoPuddingHobbyist Digital Artist
Aaahah good idea! X3
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Warriors77495Hobbyist General Artist
I can't believe I didn't see that coming!
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What a classic. I actually didn't see that coming XD
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demiprimordialgalHobbyist Digital Artist
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madkrayzyponyHobbyist Traditional Artist
:iconmlptrixieplz: - Well played Derpy, well played.
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DerpyHooves900Professional Digital Artist
i told her HaHa
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Hahahahaha! Looks like Trixie got pwned by Derpy, nice comic :D
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Evil-DeC0YHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks :D!
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