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Halcyon Days

I decided would go ahead and also upload just the stained glass from   The Golden Times by Evil-DeC0Y  in case anyone was interested in seeing it by itself. Plus I can use the original name I had for it on this picture. 

I ended up reversing the windows in the final version because I figured it would look better with the darker window on the opposite side from the mane six. 


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That is beautiful.
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Until we learn the canon origins, this will last. Worth to be made as a real stained glass.

Beautiful work
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It all started with a simple vision
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Princess of dusk and dawn.
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Who is the bigger alicorn?
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Why, that's the creator of MLP:FiM. She is Fausticon. If I'm not mistaken, she is Lauren Faust OC.
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Ah, yes, it makes sense she looks like the mother. Thanks!
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oh wow, this is so cool !!!
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how interesting!
i love the little behind the scenes look
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