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Yes, I'm trying another new style out, one day I will find a acceptable one, and this one feels very close to what I'm looking for(of course it would help if Egophiliac hadn't already taken the best style).

So yeah, if you couldn't tell this comic is based on the opening scene of MLP S4 E16 'It Ain't Easy Being Breezies", also if you were unable to tell what this was based on I'm disappointed in you, not angry just disappointed. Maybe you should just go to your room and think about how this has made your mother and I feel. I'll call you down when dinner is done.


MLP© and it's Characters belong to Hasbro©.

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i dont get it .3.
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* slaps twilight * BAD TWILIGHT.
Moonlight8837's avatar
why don't you shut up so i can hold in my opinion?!?!?!?
Fierce-Dities-Link's avatar
FlutterShy is so adorable! :3
tank2259's avatar
i dont get it
DREA-MS's avatar
i don't get it how did she lie?
pokemonlegend999's avatar
she lied because in the episode she says they have to make a breeze in order for the breezies to reach their home.
wolfdreamer250's avatar
Well she is the element/rainbow of kindness not honesty.  So I guess it's OK.
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Who can blame her? The breezies are adorable and so is this comic :D
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No mishap of Fluttershy's complete without a Squee!
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How's that not a good enough reason, Twilight?
iamli3's avatar
that should have happened in the episode.....
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what a bad liar lol
latiaslatiosfan52's avatar
Uhhh no, she isn't a bad liar, twilight just ratted her out
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Re you using a new art style
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