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"I guess you could say that this tiara was to die for."

In the same vein of dark/alternate-universe pictures as my 'Twilight Sparkle, Crystal Empress'…  pictures I present you "What if Spike didn't tell Rarity the truth in 'Inspiration Manifestation'?"

Here we see that Rarity has just taken the crown from Celestia in some sort of epic "Alicorn vs. Idea-to-Realty-power corrupted Rarity" battle.

The reason I made this picture was because I had to come up with a picture to show the different categories of commissions, which will be coming soon.


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Your unique, slightly 2D-ish style, for which I'm afraid I have no name (may I say it's reminiscent of construction paper without it sounding like an insult?), does well to show enough shadow to give it proper depth, but still makes it seem weird enough to underline the wild scene.
One detail I particularly enjoy is her reflection in the floor tiles, using the classic symbolism of reflection to ironically show how she's not seeing herself clearly, as well as to give the scene a nice little extra dimension to view it from.
I also like the broken window in the background, symbolizing a terrible unbalancing of the natural harmony.
Overall, if I could say one thing negative about it, it would be that, if you wanted to make her look really evil or deranged, I would have gone more all-out with it, maybe showing a more battle-scared scene or a more messed-up Rarity. I particularly think that maybe if you made the scene darker and accentuated the glow coming from her horn and eyes, it would have looked a lot eviler.
But maybe that wasn't your intention. I don't know. Either way, a nice depiction of our favorite mad-with-power unicorn in a way that's both fabulous and slightly creepy!
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Oh crap get spike!
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She might take down Celestia, but I wonder what would happen when she came up against Discord. One would think their respective visions for reshaping Equestria would be opposed. But then again, Rarity did turn the sky into a giant checkerboard pattern in Magical Mystery Cure, while Discord did the same for the land. Maybe they could collaborate? :)
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That's it, Rarity. Give in to the dark side...
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I noticed a thing. In the window, Rarity's figure is the only one , from those we can see from this angle (Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie), that isn't destroyed.
I loved the pic!
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Awesome work! :heart: seeing Rarity with those glowing green eyes.
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Nope. Just terrified.
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Love it ^_^  hehe Raarity certainly go a bit crazy with that book!  Love the art ^_^ really cool background and the reflection looks quite cool!!
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that's why magic sucks , it's to easy to just ruin everything.....
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love that little change with the stained glass in the back  X3
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Love that smile you gave her, and the coloring is pretty good too. Great work with this! 
And yet another of countless comics where Celestia get her flank kicked. Why I am not surpriced. After all, for every fan of the show, Celestia is lazy, useless and pathetic, and everyone want to see her fall over and over again.

Am I right?

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As far as narratives go, Celestia gets beaten constantly because she's the one to beat. She's the top dog, the penultimate pony magic goddess. If she actually possesses the power, will, and knowledge necessary to resolve the threats to her kingdom, then there's no drama. Because if every serious, nation-threatening problem can be easily solved by shooting off a letter to the Princess, where's the tension? Why worry? So even artists and authors who don't share that "lazy, useless, and pathetic" opinion of Celestia can give that impression to someone more interested in their portrayal of the Royal Sisters than whatever the story/art piece is actually about.
The top problem I have is that for every 9 comics, stories or art where Celestia or Luna are beaten, useless or just make others do all the dirty work while all they do is order around, do paper work and never use their powerful magic, there is just 1 story where they face and beat the threat, assist main 6 or guards or actually cast a single spell (even Spike who is baby dragon do more in solving problems than the royal sisters, and he is one of the weakest characters).
The ratio 1 to 10 make them look far to incompetent and useless, even if no one want to see them like this (and 70% of excuses are that they have to do it for the sake of the conflict).

I personally disagree that strong characters have to screw up for the sake of the conflict. Trust me. For majority of stories I read where Celestia screw up, and even for the show itself I could always find several ways how to let Celestia or Luna contribute, be useful or at the very least do something without hurting the conflict. Trust me, it may not be easy and require some solid thinking, but it is possible. Anyway, I just feel that characters should contribute base on how much they can do. The more powerful character, the more he should do to solve a problem, or else weak characters will have to go out of their skin to save the day only because the powerful ones are to lazy or incompetent to do even the most simple task.
(Main 6 who were not trained to fight, don't have outstanding powers and were unarmed had to fight against hundreds of changelings only because Celestia let Chrysalis beat her in few seconds and all the armored and trained guards were more for show than for actual protection).
Basically main 6 fighting all the villains, monsters and facing challenges only because two powerful rulers do not bother to cast a single spell and guards are to incompetent to beat even weakest opponent just does not seems fair to me.
SFaccountant's avatar
Yeah, okay, I know you ask me to "trust you", but I'm going to have to go ahead and not do that.
Your reasoning is very unconvincing. Particularly when you say that you've apparently developed your own headcanon for stories and even canon stories where the characters you like take a bigger role. I mean, whatever, that's fine for you, but it doesn't mean anything. Those "90%", wherever you got that ratio, are doing nothing wrong. Especially when you consider that totally under-equipped characters solving outsized problems when there are definitely more capable agents available is a staple of the canon adventures. I'm sure they could be changed so that the royal sisters intervene and help in a way consistent with their abilities and the seriousness of the problem. They might even still be enjoyable (although I'm obviously skeptical of that). But so what? Why should the story (or in this case, art) have to satisfy that particular quibble? I don't see any point or virtue inherent in making sure that characters' contributions match their power or ability. That seems like an utterly boring and counter-productive writing convention to me, and certainly not worth keeping to just to make sure nobody thinks Superman, Celestia, and Son Goku don't look like losers.

Also, I have to say, if your problem is that the alicorn oligarchy looks lazy and useless, and then back it up with canon evidence and examples... well, it seems to me that there's a reason that so many fans make jokes about Celestia being negligent or causing problems for the lulz (or even present it seriously, for that matter). I certainly don't think Celestia "let" Chrysalis beat her.
Jokes aside. If you watch some "Lets watch MLP" where people express their reaction to the show. You can often hear lines like "Celestia is such a troll", "why don't you help?" and other expressions where people dislike the fact that royal sisters never do anything to assist in the show.
In episode Royal Wedding tons of people were very disappointed when Celestia's flank was kicked in 15 seconds (at least when main 6 went down, they took down 100 changelings in an epic fight while Celestia duel against Chrysalis was huge dissapointment),
WHen Luna arrived and said "did I miss anything," a lot of people (I saw it in many let's watch or reaction or even alalisys videos) were very dissapointed. Many hoped to see Luna in action, that she would face Chrysalis or at least have more apperances, only to get this stupid line who angered many fans.
Futhermore, not many people are happy that villains always in the end get hit with a stupid ball to lose (Discord gets color blind in the end, Chryslais just order her guards to leave and just turn back to her enemies so they could conspire about).
But that is just on side note.

My point is. Many fans of the show would like to see Celestia and Luna actually doing something instead of sitting on their flanks. They want to see both sisters in action, and while I understand the whole "royal sisters are useless in the show, lets joke about it by making arts where their flanks are kicked or where they troll main 6 into doing all dirty work", but at the same time, there are many who want to see both royal sisters useful, team up with main 6, have adventure.

The problem I find is that while so many want royal sisters to DO SOMETHING, majority of authors just use excuse that letting them do something would ruin the conflict (the same excuse that creators of the show use when they do not let Celesita or Luna do anything so that main 6 or Cadence and Shining or even Spike can save the day).

If the ratio would be like (6 authors joke about both royal siters being useless or push them aside for the sake of the conflict while 4 authors let them kick flanks or have adventure alongside main 6, I would be totally okay with it, because it fullfil my expectations as well as many others who wish to see the royal sisters in action in the show, and it also would create image that Celestia and Luna actually are capaible of doing something besides how they are portraited in the show).

There is even comic where Celestia and Spike go on adventure, and when Spike ask do she could defeat foes that Twilight faced, Celestia say that she could beat many of them, but as teacher, she must Twilight learn form experience.

My only problem is that finding the royal sisters being useful is incredibly dificult. If I see a story where Twilight is participating in a turnament for the most talented mages, in final chapter where a humongous dragon is attacking Canterlot, Celesita is there but do nearly nothing while Trixie cast a barrier that saved Twilight and everypony else.

In story where Twilight train to become archmage, when evil cult members attack, Celestia and Luna just sit there and do nothing while two of her guards fight of all the attacks. In the end, both royal sisters are secured under a barrier and Twilight is forced to fight everyone.

In one story where Twilight turn into vampire because of Discord's curse, Luna just appear out of nowhere, tell Twilight that Chryslais can heal this curse, give her map to the hive, tell Twilight that she cannot drink blood from all three races or it will become permanent, and than just leave. She don't assist persoally, leaving her friend to face Chrysalis and her entire army in enemy's territory (when changelings showed strong enough to take over entire Canterlot).

Even stories where Celestia or Luna are main chracters rarely give them chance to actually do something.

Anyway, long story short. I am not the only one who would like to see royal sisters more useful in the show as well as in arts, comics and stories, however while everyone joke about them being useless or make them useless for the sake of the conflict, finding an author who show them in good light is so incredibly dificult, that's my issue.

Many would like to see both royal sisters kicking flanks and taking names, but barely anyone decide to show it.
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Okay. So your point is that the show makes a legitimate case for Celestia being an idiot/troll/useless layabout? Because that's what I'm hearing.
It literally sounds to me like you're making the case that Celestia and Luna actually ARE incompetent, canonically, and you're upset that more people don't defy that interpretation. Complaining that the show makes the royals look clueless and useless makes no sense, because that medium defines their identity.

In any case, the fact remains that keeping the demi-goddesses out of the plot so that events rely on characters less obviously capable and powerful is perfectly good and fine. There's nothing wrong with it. In this particular picture, the impression that the royal order was defeated was deliberate, to create a feeling of menace and drama. And it works.

As for the "many fans" who want to see fan works with the Princesses acting cool, unless that subset of the fan base is unusually lacking in artists and writers, I don't see what's stopping any of them.
Also, small add.

I think that reason why I get so annoyed when I see Celestia and Luna screwing up or doing noting in comics or story, it is because I can always think of many ways how they can assist, be shown as strong and competent in it without weakening the conflict.
I also can think of many ways for powerful characters to go down after epic fight where they accomplish something.

Because I can come up with those ideas, I view how authors deal with royal sisters as to lazy to come up with more creative ways. I see them using easy excuses why Celestia or Luna never help or go down very quickly. To show how powerful villain is and increase the dramma. I think I saw it so many times, that it just started to annoy me, so sorry for going overboard with it.
I will try to shorten my responses as much as I can.

Many complain that the royal sisters do nothink in the show, and the reason why they show don't let Celestia or Luna do anything useful is always for the sake of the conflict (and because they aren't main chracters, even guards dissapear for no reason and accomplish nothing during the crisis).

Many authors of stories and comics also repeat the same with the same excuse, or they do it just as joke how useless they look in the show.

Many authors and artists want to show how powerful their villain is when they beat Celestia or Luna, or they try to increase drama when both sisters are captured or beaten.

The problem is that, if a powerful character is constantly failing, it just lose it's impact when he/she is defeated. You can tell how powerful a character is, but if you never show it, it become worthless.

Basically because in 90% of stories, arts and comics I see both royal sisters fail, get beaten or do absolutely nothink and make main 6 solve the problem, and because I so rarely see them actually do something, I see no drama.
If I see or read how a villain beat Celestia or Luna, I do not think, "oh no, the royal sisters are defeated, we are doomed," all I see is "royal sisters are defeated... again... sigh, do it even matter, they never do anything useful, so what's the diference?"

In many stories and comics, Celestia and Luna do so little, that if they are defeated, it barely change anything. I just think it would be more balanced if there was more arts and more creative ideas that let both royal sisters assist in dealing with crisis, kick flanks and take names, and thanks to this when they do fall, it actually mean something (if Superman is defeated, it is a huge impact and drama because he get enough screen time where he show how strong he really is).

I know that you will disagree with me, but ask yourself. Would it reaaaaly hurt the conflict if the royal sisters assisted in dealing with villains in creative way (for example, instead of Chrysalis being beaten by love because she was stupid, have Luna distract her and her guards, giving Cadence and Shining Armor time to escape and charge love spell. Instead of Nightmare Moon stand in one place as elements are charging to defeat her, if she tried to strike main 6 with lightnings, Celestia arrive to block the attack and immobile Nightmare Moon in levitation field, and than elements would be used. Would it hurt the conflict if during duel between Celestia and Chrysalis, the Changeling Queen would receive injury of her own, forcing her to rely on guards and later in her moment of weakness, Cadence and Shining escape to blast her?
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You have me in a bind here, honestly. I was ready to excuse the "Celestia and Luna are negligent and useless" trope as a writing convention. You've actually done an excellent job of convincing me that it ISN'T a writing convention, and they actually are negligent and useless. If that's the case, your complaint goes from pointless to nonsensical. There's no inherent, good reason for writers/artists to make sure the Princesses are well-represented just to appease their fans, but if they're actually the royal layabouts, then that's a pretty good reason NOT to do that.
Either way, I really don't see the need for them to be shown more positively or be given additional character focus. If you want them to, well, whatever. I also wish Applejack was taken more seriously as a character (even if I do chuckle at "background pony" jokes). So what? That doesn't imply any actual problem to anything except your headcanon, which is clearly already struggling against the canon evidence. It is not "laziness" to fail to reinforce your personal opinion. At best, the author/artist simply has better things to do with the narrative. At worst, they simply don't share your opinion.

Your examples of the Princesses helping do, in fact, relieve a great deal of the tensions in each of those scenarios. Having a practical Goddess at your back cuts the drama level enormously and ensures that the plucky and vastly underpowered protagonists can't claim full credit for their victories. And I'm sure that would be okay with you, but that's kind of my point: those sorts of changes only serve to relieve a problem that YOU, personally, have with the way these Princesses are shown. A problem that barely makes sense, because if the canon material shows them able to accomplish only so much, what basis do you have to claim that they should be able to do more? If Celestia lost to Chrysalis without scratching her, then Celestia lost to Chrysalis without scratching her. You can come up with theories as to why and how and whatnot, but retconning it in your head makes no sense whatsoever.
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