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Crushed to Death

Yay, my first non-Trixie Vs. comic since... MARCH?!?!?! How is that possible?!

Love triangles, murder, trespassing, wrath, pride, jealousy, battery, suffocation, cute cartoon unicorns.

Fun fact: the original script had Rarity as the attempted murderer and the intended victim would have been Applejack, with Rarity being jealous of Trenderhoof's affections.
Rarity was going to sneak into Appkejack's room dressed in her farming outfit from 'Simple Ways'(the fancy one with the jewels), and she was going to have a bejeweled revolver.
You can still see some of that original script in Trixie's line about the pillow being cleaner(I thought the joke was too funny to cut out in the character change). 

I'm trying a new style... once again... what is this the fourth or fifth time? Hopefully this one sticks, I have a good feeling about it.


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Trixie should’ve just shot her and just ended it ended the series You almost to be in the the annoying greedy girl

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As far as "Rivalry" comedy goes; barely anyone has ever found the place where it's okay to stop before going too far. The joke here is solid enough where it doesn't go past it's "funny limit" and appeals to a wide range of people with different humors.
The details in the comics illustration are where you can really get a feel for what is happening, rather than just stare blankly, like a simpleton.
The sheen of the light catching their manes, the shading details around what is visible in the room, the impact of the sewing machine, and Trixie's black eye give the reader a real image of what is going on between these two.
To summarize: A good comic is made with the little details in mind and the joke at the same time, never separate.
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Who's Trxie's grandmother?
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How does the link have the question in it!?

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it doesn't, that was just how the link was, it didn't have any "?" for some reason.

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I mean it's a rickroll, but it has the question phrased as a sentence

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Just a random made up pony I used for the joke.
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That revolver looks like a Colt Anaconda because it has 4 thin "slits" on top of the barrel but the handgrip is different.
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What was trice going to say that's what I want to know.
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And this is why I became a watcher.
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Not if i kill u first (gunshot to the genitals)
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Rarity.... Tell her you want Spike. Let her have him.
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Trixie the Yandere...
... It makes sence, actually...
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Well I guess this is why don't call you "evil decoy" for nothing. XD
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Out of all of your comics this one is my favorite. Also I'm with Rarity, Trixie can do so much better.
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I like this one a lot too.

Yeah, but Trixie doesn't know that.
And that's how Rarity died, the Elements of Harmony were rendered powerless, and their Bearers became suicidally depressed.
*shots rarity walks out of house leaving gun on ground*
*watches Trixie get away with it, because Equestria's technology is to primitive to understand what the gun is, and their police department too stupid to figure out who did it*
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