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Published: April 6, 2015

What is this?! Is this a comic? From Evil-DeC0Y?!

Yes ladies and gentlemen! This here is my first non-'Trixie Vs.' comic since...
:icontwilightawkwardplz: Uh... you know what, I'll just leave out exactly how long it's been since I last made a comic.

This is a comic idea I've had for over a year now, my original idea had them in Twilight's library, but you could say that idea blew up on me.Giggle 

But who knew that waiting a year to make this comic would allow me to be able to use a second name along with Sunset Shimmer's?


MLP© and its Characters belong to Hasbro©.

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And Rainbow Dash just sleeps XD

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It’s funny how Rainbow Dash is still sleeping after Pinkie screams. 😝
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CrystalPastelKittyHobbyist General Artist
I noticed how similar they are, but never really cinnamons. :o ( Nice word-play on the title. XD )
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What's a Cinnamon ?
HRH-Twilight-Sparkle's avatar
A disgusting thing Americans eat.

Also it was ment to be Synonym 
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I love how Rainbow never wakes up.
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Alpha-Lion2064Hobbyist General Artist
What if they are all the same pony?
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Pastel-Pony-ArtistStudent Digital Artist
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CrucifyTheWolfHobbyist General Artist
Congrats Pinks, you killed Spike.
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fantagekittengirlStudent General Artist
Pinkie pie (except it does!) plz What ? No I didn't ! He's PRETENDING !!! Right Spike ? 
Spike WTF ...
Pinkie pie (sad) plz Spike ?
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banshee0songStudent General Artist
already know that
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FlareEmerald77Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Dash never woke up LOL
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khadijahotakuHobbyist Digital Artist
I think spike died xD
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DeviantMaster2014Hobbyist General Artist
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pwnerjHobbyist Writer
Fuck you I wished to die and didn't follow the instructions! I AM IMMORTAL!!!
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