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Published: March 21, 2013
Happy new head canons for everybody!

This is a lot like my Spike and Celestia comic, it's an interesting idea, and although I don't believe it, I could see others doing so.

If the writers ever decide that they wanted Applejack's parents to be alive, this could be one way to do it.
It actually wouldn't be that hard to do, if the Wonderbolts are a branch of the Equestrian military, then AJ's parents wouldn't be around very much, (which could make a good episode, now that I think about it, sort of like a returning soldier thing and Applebloom is nervous about it).
They might not have been at the family reunion because they were needed elsewhere, which would be obvious to everyone so there'd be no need to mention them.
I say that if Twilight can have a brother that no one knew about, that is the Captain of the Royal Guard, then Applejack can have parents no one has seen that are Wonderbolts.

Some of you might say "Why did you pick those colors for AJ's parents? They aren't at all similar to the other Apples.". The reason I did so was because I based them on this painting on the wall (which is a parody of the painting American Gothic) at sweet apple acres [link] . Also the similarities of colors between two ponies coats hasn't always been shown to represent familial connections.

:iconapplejackshrugplz: Pony genetics... how do they work?!
If need be, you can imagine that Granny Smith's husband was a Pegasus, and one of Applejack's grandparents on the other side of the family was a pegasus, or that a great-great-uncle on the mother's side alone as a pegasus, according to Mr. cakes logic, or that it's a fan comic making a joke abot magical flying ponies and get over it :p!

Also, the beginning is supposed to be slightly confusing.

Now if only someone could think up some names for them...


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Mudstorm15Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wish this was canon
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I just thought Mrs. Cake got too familiar with another unicorn stallion who had pegasi blood or visa versa.
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deviantfionnStudent Photographer
Apple Jacks parents r pegasi but aple jak erth pny....... my brain hurts
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They are not pegasi, they have rockets.
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I thought that they're out spreading the apple family business throughout equestria
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ToonStar95Professional Filmographer
But they're both pegasi? How can that have Earth ponies?
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Tokiogirl21Hobbyist General Artist
Mr. and Mrs. Cake. That is all.
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Apple Speed (mom, and Apple Seed :D)
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I wonder what Rainbow Dash would think if she knew AJ's parents were part of the Wonderbolts. She'd probably either be amazed or freak out.
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Legend-Seeker-MLPHobbyist General Artist
Ha! That is beautiful!
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My theory came from the fact that Applejack's parents seem to leave behind synthetic contrails (trails of condensed water from an
aircraft at high altitude, seen as white streaks against the sky) when in the air suggesting that their suits are propelled by engines, 
where as other 
pegasi like Rainbow Dash leave behind more natural looking contrails.
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My theory is that their wings are experimental flight mechanisms used by handicapped Wonderbolts that lost their ability to fly and Applejack's parents are testing them because Earth ponies tend to be physically stronger than unicorns and pegasi due to relying only on their physical prowess as they don't have the luxury of magic or flight for everyday duties.
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korqattHobbyist Digital Artist
you would make a great  story writer.
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RedBoy262Hobbyist General Artist
I have a solution to why 2 earth ponies can give birth to a Pegasus! Pennant squares baby!
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Punnet, I think.

They'd still need to beat the odds at least three times, but sure, I guess it's possible.
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ParadoxalOrderHobbyist General Artist
...... buh..... gah..... wha...... brain.... hurts..... :crazy:
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SHE IS RIGHT expect ummm granny smith 
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5150animatorStudent Traditional Artist
...It all makes SENSE.
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DBZFan12Hobbyist Writer
Two pegasi, one of which is the son or daughter of at least one earth pony, are the parents of three earth ponies...
Translation: DNA's a bitch.
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MacyIsHereHobbyist Digital Artist
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MLPegasis4898Hobbyist Digital Artist
Now everything makes sense!!! :omg: :omg: :omg:
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Wolves-are-cooolHobbyist General Artist
That WOULD make an interesting episode....
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