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Oki here goes nothing!
So I made a bunch of OTA adopts for y'all. I switch art programs halfway through, so we'll just have to suffer through the first few terrible sets. I did work hard on them, so I figured I'd post them even if I'm not particularly proud. Offer if you want, I won't be offended if you don't lol

This is the first OTA base I made. After I release 10 sets of this bab, I'll let my Watchers help me create the next one.
Let's go! Also, let me know if you have any design ideas, and I might just use them ;D

Notes on Air: Air is one of the four elements the renaissance believed made up the universe. Artists at that time connected the element of air with the color blue and the octahedron.

AB: $10
you don't have to offer this, it's an OTA. but I'll accept this no matter what.


1) payment only through PayPal. I will give you the art only after you wire the funds. I will then send you an un-watermarked full-res version of the art through dA private messages or by email if you prefer. I only give you 42 hours (2 days) before I mark you as refused to pay. I may extend the deadline if you give me a legitimate reason. This time frame is true for OTAs as well, even if the payment isn't through PayPal because it's art or something.

2) I keep copyright of the image. It belongs to you, but you can't claim you made it, even if you edit it's details. You can change anything you don't like about the design, but even so you must credit me.

3) you can try to re-sell it for more than you bought it for. But if I catch wind I might charge higher. Keep that in mind.

4) no editing/deleting bids. If you do so I won't count it valid. If I catch you enough times I'll block you.

5) I'll block you after a second offense of refusal to pay.

6) bid by replying to the comment I feature. I won't count any bids placed outside this.

idk if I can link, so here goes nothing.
Auctions and Adopts by EviePattenArt on DeviantArt
read that for a more extensive outline.

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Offer here!