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Here In Your Arms |PC: Aritasum|

Well you are the one
The one that lies close to me
Whispers hello, I miss you quite terribly
I fell in love
In love with you suddenly
Now there's no place else I could be
But here in your arms

A quick commission for Aritasum! I had a lot of fun drawing her characters c: The pose was a bit of a challenge to get down, just because I'm not used to interacting characters. There's still a couple things I could practice with, but I'm really happy with how it came out! <3 Thank you so much for commissioning me! c:

Alcott and Aria © :iconaritasum:
Art © :iconeviegala:

If you like what you see, consider checking out my main account: EvieGalaxy
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© 2019 - 2021 EvieGala
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What animals are they?
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They're not my characters, but according to their owner:

Aria is a cat and Alcott is an ocelot.

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This looks amazing :) Your art looks good :)
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Thank you so much! :D
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omg i adored that song as a child <33 heard it in so many sonic amvs lol 

from looking at this it's hard to tell you're not used to drawing interacting characters because this came out beautifully! specially the way they look at each other which i adore :heart: i already told you how much i loved this but let me say it again <3 i love this and thank you so much! keep up the great work :heart:
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I was thinking of what to title it and it popped into my head almost immediately :D It's such a good throwback jam aaahhh I don't recall hearing it in any Sonic amvs, but that's probably bc I am was an edgelord and all the amvs I watched had Three Days Grace's Animal I Have Become playing in them X'D

jdkdkdk thank you so much, Ari ;; It means so much that you like it aaaaah :heart::heart:
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hmm i recall a silvaze amv with this song i think? but i know what you mean, i was also an edgelord watching shadow the hedgehog amvs hahah
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Ahhh! It would be fitting for them, and it's a wonder I never clicked on it because I was/am a huge Silvaze shipper! Maybe it just never popped up because it wasn't what I was searching for, lol. We may never know! Let all the edgelords gather today and remember a time when the media we consumed was all Shadow the Hedgehog //slapped
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very nice pose !! <3
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Thank you so much! <3
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