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Cuz I always do these //bricked

Okay so first off! My tablet pen isn't working right. It'll hover and move the cursor, but when I click, it won't work 100% of the time, so I can't draw until I figure out how to fix that
And yes, I have tried cleaning my tablet, changing the nib, installing the drivers and reinstalling them, plugging the cord into a different port, leaving the nib out for 24 hours, etc. 

I also got a tumblr if you wanna follow me but expect to see a lot of sea stuff and maybe art on the side :iconohohoplz:

Sorry I haven't posted anything ; o ; I've been so busy aghhh
but I'm on summer >w< got out on Wednesday, May 20 ouo;
kk byee!
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June 2, 2015


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