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Copied from KikiKreation so I dunno what all is in here //rolls

Hey everyone we have opened up a new investigative group!
Called: Find-N-Fight !
Here KikiKreation , evie2001 , XxDaisukeDomainxX and of course Hibiki-Chuu 
Will be investigating the cases of art theft! We will be reviewing any to all cases to where a possible crime has committed
and help DA with anything we can! XxDaisukeDomainxX , one of the Admins, was disheartened to find out that one of his beloved adopts were stolen and resold
for profit! so we will be composing list after list on who to avoid and tips on how to avoid your art being stolen!

If you wanna help, that will boost our chances on taking them down! All you have to do is,
Note the group about a possible case WITH some evidence of them being an art theft,
and each member will personally look into it and determine if a crime has been commission or not.
After we determine there has been a crime, we will gather all the evidence we could and present it to them, 
AFTER a warning. If it appears the art thief does not understand that they have stolen and or needs proof, we will provide it to them and 
the original artist! Our members can be found on practically any social media so we will be able to report this to the original artist ^^

After that, we will present all our evidence in and in the group!
The more people will to help us, the better!
Members will be our look outs for any art thief and any contributors will at our aid to
investigate ^7^ anyone can help!

We are also a support talk group! If you have a problem you wish to speak about just to let it all out, we are willing to listen 
We are here to lend you an ear when you need it!

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December 21, 2015


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