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Wed Dec 10, 2014, 7:47 AM

Hi! ouo
sorry guys I haven't been very active. Just had a ton of stuff going on. Still do xD

Well, for starters, I hope you guys had an awesome Thanksgiving (If you had one)!

My dog had a mole on his ear that kept growing, so we had to take him to the vet to check if it was cancer or not. Thankfully, it wasn't, but it was still a major scare lol

The past week or so, the school has been reviewing for finals coming up next week, so it's been a little tough with writing essays, making study guides, etc.

Also the fact I have a horrible science teacher who can't teach to save his life, so we're all pretty worried about the science final. I bet everyone will bomb it unless they're super smart and already learned the information.

Yeah, there's been that problem. I went and complained to the vice principal myself with one of my friends because I dropped a whole letter grade over night. When I asked my science teacher the next day, he said it was because I was talking to someone during presentations, which I didn't talk AT ALL unless it was in between two presentations.

Even then, a whole letter grade is just unfair. <.<

And then he also lost a test I took a while back, that we took in class, so of course I turned it in. He kept saying it's either I had it or I didn't do it at all, I mean, this guy has lost a lot of papers, so I was laughing to death when he said that.

Like, dude, you serious? You think I took a test we did in class home? What idiot does that!?

Anyway, I think Bob broke o-o idk, so I might not be able to draw.

I won't be able to draw either way until after finals next week. Sorry. 
; u ;

Also, a huge apology for not saying anything sooner- and to the people who I owe art too that have been waiting a long time xD Sorryyy!

Have a great day! ouo

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December 10, 2014


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