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Note to everyone who commissioned me!
I will be canceling them all due to a CRAZY jump in amount of school work, homework, choir stress, and lack of sleep and time ; u ;
Of course I'll be paying the remaining commissioners their money back, if they paid. 
Which only 1 of you haven't? Yeah.

Sorry for the inconvenience, really! I mean, I say I'll get it done, take like a year to say SOMETHING, and then cancel it?
I'm so horrible OTL I'm sorry D:

Mainly I'm doing this so I can focus on adoptables and my joint account with KikiKreation, XxDaisukeDomainxX, and Hibiki-Chuu at :iconxxkehd-hqxx:, so go watch that account for adoptables and other cute, random, and cool stuff!
Also maybe some gifts because I feel so horrible about this :iconcraiplz:

Anyway, I will not be canceling any requests unless otherwise said, art trades will be canceled unless the other person has already made their half of the trade, because that'd be no fair <w<
Collabs, Idk I actually didn't have many. Only 2, so we'll see xD

Sorry, once again, and thanks for reading! ^^
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Submitted on
February 10, 2015


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