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Published: March 22, 2015
Hey my beautiful watchers! 
So, about my book, My World, I switched laptops and the chapters are on a hard drive somewhere lol so I won't be able to write anything really until I find it and get the chapters I have back.
I honestly don't know what's going to happen in it because I'm just going with the flow
I have no idea what's actually happening lol
I know that the Little Red Riding Hood book is EXTREMELY important so... yeh
We'll see

I think I have spring break in 2 weeks? I forgot lol but I'll probably be really busy in the next 2 weeks due to projects and stuff. 
But I am working on an adoptable that I've sort of been avoiding- well, not really avoiding, but not being able to work on it due to homework xD
And then me and Kiki on the joint account, XxKEHD-HQxX will be making a Bird... mythical... wing... thing series of 6 adoptables

The one I'm currently making will be featured on the joint account and on here ouo and will probably be somewhere between 50-300 points... I honestly dunno what it should be xD
Maybe I'll just have an auction for it.

I also have a really huge obsession with the ocean right now which is probably why I liked Nagi no Asukara so much //bricked
So maybe seeing ocean-water-related... stuff.

Anyway, I hope all your Spring breaks are going well or were full of fun, and if you aren't on spring break yet, good luck with work
or school or whatever you're up to! o 3 o Thanks for all the support and I love you alll //runs away
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