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Responsive Website Design

Evident Art Advertising Agency - web design agency designs standard websites, ecommerce websites and highest quality responsive corporational websites and responsive ecommerce sites.

Responsive web page is a page which automatically adapts itself to the screen resolution. It can also change the navigation machanism as needed to be displayed properly on lower resolutions screens. It also adapts font sizes, intermissions, pictures and all the other layout elements. It makes navigation easier and a proper readability so the user will not get discouraged while browsing it. You can be sure that no matter what computer, mobile or tablet everyone will be able to get to know your products or services without any problems with the font size or pictuers on your website.

Our website is also made using that technology. You can check it by accesing the site from your mobile and computer simultaneously or just try changing the size of the browser window. Because every device has different interface, it is important that the website is adapted to each and every one of them. Doesn't mattter if you use an iPhone, an Android tablet or a Windows 8 laptop. Responsive website will run on each of them.

Our web designers team knows the differences between the touch interfaces and the ones that use the cursor and a mouse. Our custom designed web pages are not only depending on changing the layout of the website for the mobile devices but also to adjust the clickable elements to the touchable ones so they become large enough to operate them with your finger on a mobile device. We also take care about the fact that most of the computers nowadays has the resolution of at least 1440 pixels of the screen width. Instead of adjusting to the old 1024 pixel width screens used by the computers a few years ago we can use the advance of the vertical space so all the users have the most optimal viev of the website provided by their device.

Our website designers think that responsive websites are the future of the internet. Web desing must evolve as evolves the technology itself. Taking account of the newest devices and technologies used, the websites that we design run properly on every screen type, screen resolution and operating system. They make the navigation easier no matter the time, place and the website content

Our experience and the creative work of our web design team we can say that we make one of the best websites on the british and international market.

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