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Dramione in the library

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Hey I was wondering if I would be able to use this as the header of my dramionesource blog? I'll make sure to credit you of course!! :)
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ok, but you should write my author name)
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Was that in one of the movies or behind the scenes?
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this is photoshop))
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He looks like he's staring at her tie just thinking "why does it have to be red?!"
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This looks so real. Perfect manip. <3
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Saw this on tumblr and thought KLFHSLFJHSLKHF THIS IS SO GOOOOD. Then I got pissed because it didn't happen.
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thank you!
this is strange, but at first I did not want to post this work)

Hi, I could use your image for a Fanfic ? I love it !!!
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Yes, but enter my name as the author of the work)
If you accept,I put your name and the other credits ! My fanfic is in spanish :)
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Really like this. haha its brilliant :) I was wondering if i would be able to use Draco from this picture for my dramione art :) Credit will go to you for it.
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you have copy my idea. [link]
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sorry, I didn't know
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pleas add that the original is mine, thanks
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Wow, that's absolutely gorgeous. It seems to be a real shot taken from a movie. Very intense and real. Thanks for it. My fantasy is forming a plot right now ...
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thanks, my draling!
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very well done !! we can imagine their conversation. if I may : there is still red on Draco's sleeves by the wrists ('^^)
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ha ha, all things are possible:]
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