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The Last Sandwich

By EvGen1us
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Heavy is a GOD OF GMOD
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The last sandvich before heavy dies on the point for our taunts
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Jesus is too heavy to crucify.
(Bad pun anyway.) (redone)
Heavy is too fat to crucify.
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Yup the Judas is the BLU Engineer here xD Amazing picture id say!! Dat Demopan looks funny yet you captured every Tf2 character perfectly ;) Job well done.
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Guy makes a reservation on a table for 26 and has everyone sit on the same side. What a douche.
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So spy is Judas right? lol
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Don't you mean "Sandvich" :P
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And this is a true halidom ! :)
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classic, never gets old.
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sad heavy is sad
So....  Who's Judas?
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In guessing blu spy
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Really? What a question
obviosly he would be spy
Both of them?!  Poor "Jesus" has no chance...
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Awesome picture.
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heavy looks so sad.. must be that sanvich :(
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The traitor is Engi, if i remember correctly from high school arts class?
Heavy is the best :D
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Amazing. Just amazing XD
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Awesome! the lighting is great as well. Though wouldn't be more fitting for the red spy to be judas?
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Valve 3:16 "And Gabe so loved the world that he gave of his one and only Heavy, that all REDs and BLUs shall get more horrible hats and weapons in the MannCo Store."
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