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Thank you very much! :faint: *

I've loved my experience on dA for all the years I've been using it but these new changes and the response by the dA team has been absolutely disappointing. I can't express how upset myself and so many other users are at what we can only look at as complete and absolute disregard for our concerns. Most of the complaints I see every time the team posts something are in regard to how much everyone is struggling with this new UI and the features that were implemented with it. Users screamed about how difficult it was when it first released but with the new team update it doesn't address this at all other then calling it a minority problem? This is thousands of people all saying basically the same thing and these are the users that want to stay they want so badly and to be able to use this site as they have been for so long, otherwise they wouldn't even bother saying anything at all they'd just leave like many others have already. It's been almost two weeks sense the complete switch to eclipse and there's been more then enough feedback given to the team so why do the posts not say anything about it? We all know coding isn't just a snap of the fingers instant fix if it was we could all do it but reading the comments and actually expressing that you heard them can be. Letting the user base know what we can expect to see fixed and changed can be instant and so much of the hate being sent would melt away. Polls and user trials and feedback for user satisfaction are what make a site good not generic aesthetic and marketability. People are having a hard time with search features, the new home layouts, the watch feed, notifications and profiles, these are issues I've read hundreds of comments about but I haven't seen a single team post saying anything about fixing these very specific things and this is why everyone is so enraged. When the peoples voices fall on deaf ears they will scream louder until it falls completely silent. All we want is to be able to use the site we love with out struggle but as it stands it seems like our voices are just being met with an indifferent "get over it" and that's just not how it should be.

Hello. Sorry to bother you. Can't report a problem so I looked for staff. Came across you.

Basically Zero Notifications And No Support
You're one of the operators of deviantART right please I beg of you to make a click and drag I'm a speed Runner when it comes the browsey and what eclipse is doing is taking that away I don't like Eclipse no one. Please can you just keep the cool version here keep the switch please no one loves whatever you guys are doing


everyone is pretty much planning to leave and I've already know several people who left I want to stay in this site this site is gorgeous and beautiful but eclipse is ruining that
after it goes through a eclipse goes through I might be leaving too other people are going to leave please talk to the owner CEO whoever you can and tell them no one wants this whatsoever