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Hi all! This will be the first time I try to run a contest, as a challenge to my scuplting skills (see below). My DA gallery don't get much exposure, so I'm not sure how well it'll turn out, but I'm going to give it a shot. ^^;

Deadline: Midnight of December 21, 2005

The 1st place winner will get a custom Fimo sculpture of your choice, hand-made by myself. It will be semi-chibi, between 4-5" tall, and the quality will be somewhere between this and this. (I made both samples.) Since I'm still an amateur, I'll have to improvise depending on how difficult your character is to make. ^^;

If I'm really lucky and get 8 or more entires, there will also be a prize for 2nd place. The prize will be a 2" custom-made keychain sculpture of your choice that will look something like this. OR, I can do a single character CG for you.

The subject of this contest will be to draw one of the following pairs of characters. BOTH of them must be in the picture, and they must be interacting in some ways. They should look and act like themselves, but you can re-design the clothes, as long as they makes sense (so Mierna would not be in a mini-skirt, nor would Kaness wear fancy knighty armor). Backgrounds are not essential but of course they always earn points. :)

Choice 1:
Characters: Kaness and Jennin
Profiles and References:

Choice 2:
Characters: Ron and Lester
History and Profiles:

Choice 3:
Characters: Mierna and Lenus
Profiles and References:…

Judging will be done by myself and a few close friends, and the winner will be announced two to three days after the deadline. If an entry is late, it will not be qualified. Aside from things like quality, creativity, and effort, weight will also be put on how in-character are the couples. Please keep that in mind.

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Hmmm....hopefully I'll have time for this hon. I won't promise anything yet, but I'm glad it was up on PE so I could find it. :D Since you've got a fairly long deadline, it gives me some time to decide. I hope I'll have time!! And thanks for pimpin my contest. :hug: