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Valkyrie Sisters

By eveyw
The three valkyrie sisters. I've always wanted to draw all three of them together although it's mostly Lenneth who I like the best.

- Hirst is a harpy but damn her design is awesome.

- Silmeria's design I don't like as much. She reminds me of a country maid for some reason.

It's only a sketch right now, but hopefully I'll manage to color it some time. ^^
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Very nice. Lenneth is my favorite one, she's the most levelheaded outta all of em and she's pretty much my favorite character of all time.
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great skecth, i like the way how you draw silmeria
kichisu's avatar
Amazing details and gorgeous lineart :D
infiniteFinality's avatar
the amount of detail in this is just awesome XD
jakface's avatar
That armor design is INCREDIBLE. I'm so jealous! I can't design armor worth crap! XD This makes me squeal with glee. Love your designs.