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Gentleman and Scholar

By eveyw
Victorian style sexy art. Somebody had commented that the red-haired guy looks like he has no forearms, but I hope it is apparent to most people that they are tied behind his back. ^^;;;
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Tsukiyono-Miyu's avatar
I like the watercolor feel of this these guys going to make an appearance at Filthy Figments maybe? :D
eveyw's avatar
Actually these two are the characters in my WIP posted back in February, although the context will be a little different. Probably won't show up for a couple of months yet, but I'm crossing my fingers to stay on schedule. XD
DreamSinger99's avatar
This is just fantastic. Love the work. I could notice the red-haired guy had his hands tied before his back.
eveyw's avatar
Thanks! Glad you like it. :)