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FF Tactics - Ramza and Alma

By eveyw
I'm incredibly in love with the art of Final Fantasy Tactics, even though the lack of noses make no sense at all (especially when you CAN see a nose sideways). Anyway, here is Ramza and Alma.
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I love this game! It was a home run for Square. I loved having him in the Monk job,that could kick so much ass and even heal and revive units.
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Hehe))) anyways... i like to play Ramza with Dnate, Snake, Link & Cloud! :D they all in FFT! :D
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Oh, they didn't have noses? I never noticed that...
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o.o, BEAUTIFUL WORK <3, i never saw this pic in all of the pics of DA or other site , just beautiful.. to favorites ~ regards!
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My favorite game ever!!! I like the way you drew Ramza - he's gorgeous!!!
Sweet as honey!!! excellent artwork!
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I love the art style! the no-nose style of Yoshida is awesome!
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I know i'm late, but great work bro. Awesome game.
good drawing and first Comment
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WOW. That is just amazingly spot-on with those two!
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This looks adorable *w*!
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I quite like it. :) The texture is a nice touch, too.
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Very nice! You resemble the style well! :D
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awesome work!it's perfect!XD
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i :heart: yoshida's style too!
squidlarkin's avatar
This looks great! :D I love the colors and shading. :aww:
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awesome! my two favorite chars of the game! such a cool game it was too.
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