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Ornate Gold Frame - Oval 1

This is a frame I previously posted here -
I've altered it to be an oval rather than it's
original round shape for the fun of it.

There is also a wide oval version of it here -


See my full TERMS OF USE at

The basic guideline on my images is - This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

If you use it - Please let me know and provide a link back since I'd love to see what you created with it.

- Do NOT repackage, sell it or take credit for this image as your own. From one artist to another - This is greatly appreciated!

Thanks for abiding by my terms,
EveyD aka EKDuncan
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© 2011 - 2022 EveyD
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used here- unknown reality by theheek thank you
theheek's avatar
used here- shattered remains by theheek thank you
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Thanks I used it here:
Red Velvet X Red Woods | Paper Design | 20180101 by Meet-Me
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Such a pretty image, I used it here ^^
I Rule The Hands Of Time
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Used Here your stock, Golden Girl, Thanks!! Hug 
aaTmaHira's avatar
Hi! Thanks for the stock!! I used it here -> Evil Witch. Kindly take a look! Thank you!:happybounce:
Hi I am graphic designer and am currently designing a wedding invitation based on beauty and the beast and would love to use your frame would this be possible please xx
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I use here Death Present by vampirekingdom  Thank you!
elenartphotography's avatar
Thank you so much for stock!! I used this here : elenartphotography.deviantart.…
Mircalla-Tepez's avatar
used here, nothing too special, however. Thanks for the ressource.

Character Portrait: Maria Richter
Hello I used this on this work, I'm still new to it all so its not all that great. Thank you for providing the stock.
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Can I use This? I'll give you credits.
ElementalMutant's avatar
Hi! I used your frame here:…

Thanks so much! :)
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I used it here: . Many thanks for this fantastic stock.
Actually, I posted my comment under the round frame and I want to use the oval frame!
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You are more than welcome to alter images I post. These frames are already in PNG transparent background format. Just make sure you download them using the download image button to the right or else you will only be downloading a smaller thumbnail with a background that should not be there and not the larger png image. You will need editing software to make the changes and add in the photo. Good luck with your project.

(PS - I saw your first note on the round frame you didn't want to use and am placing this message in both places for you.)
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hi i used your work here [link]
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Hey InnerCreepers - I'm glad you liked the frame.
Sadly the link provided no longer works. :facepalm:
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i stored it's up again:)
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Hello, I am a professional graphic designer. I am currently working on a book cover design and my client spied this frame, which he would like me to use. I was wondering if I might have your permission to use this frame in a commercial art-piece given that you received due credit, of course.
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Hello back to you Artisforgod

It sounds like you have an interesting project in the works and I'm intrigued that this frame was selected.
You have my permission to incorporate this frame image as specified above in your request.
I'd love a chance to see the finished result once you've completed the artwork.

Thanks for asking and good luck with your project,
Evelyn aka EveyD
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