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I commissioned the lineart from She-King on furaffinity and colored it myself ^^ Pax is an extinct canadian wolf (canis lupus bernardi) made for surviving in the cold climate (means shes fluffy!) she is calm, kind, and funny, she likes to be the center of attention if shes doing/talking about something shes likes (play guitar, draw, being clowny) she is generally shy and likes staying at home listening to music. Her eyes are golden colour and tounge is pink. She has a peace mark on her forehead and upper back (when in feral for the peace mark is in center back) 7 stripes on tail (green,blue,green,blue,green,blue,green) mostly seen plantigrade but sometimes (rare) digigrade. She uses glasses about50/50 per cent of the time and they (magicaly) balance on the muzzle. She can telekinesis and when shes using it all her blue markings light up. When shes stressed and/or scared her eyes turn blue (same as markings). ^^
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