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original : Choi sungi by ShinGV
[OC] If I've grown up by CeruleanDM
The First Cougars by ambient-avalancher
The First Cougars, PG Version by ambient-avalancher
OC- Digital 3
Cecil The MouseFolk by CloudPeaksKate
girl Adoptable AUCTION OPEN by matso77
athletic girl Adoptable AUCTION OPEN by matso77
Transition by NN-way
OC- Traditional 2
adopt OPEN auction by SkylarMeaw
OC-tober. 24 Extinct by Cranash64
Night Sky in Forest by Space-Oleandr
Webcam modding 3 by dkart71
Webcam modding 2 by dkart71
Webcam modding 1 by dkart71
Jasmin Lander by Redfield-1982
Helgan of Earth: Helvix AllianceThe Helvix Alliance is the smallest galactic superpower and the youngest one as well that is made up of only a few hundred star systems. It was once a part of the Federation of United Worlds territories until they seceded during an age where the Federation had grown too militaristic. The Alliance is a technocracy that was named after the bright green Helvix nebula that its core worlds are found within that is governed by a council of six leaders, all of whom have a scientific or academic background whose main goal as a society is scientific discovery, societal growth and innovation instead of being a powerful force. In the first few centuries after its founding they focused solely on advancement through the study of both angel and demon technology until they were able to not only reverse engineer both technologies but create their own that would rival both. Due to their technology they went through a golden age of growth with many worlds flocking to the alliance even leaving major governments such as the Vanguard Covenant and Federation. Once the Alliance became a force to rival other galactic superpowers it set out to expand its influence where they made first contact with many other races and would allow them to join by determining how advanced their society is and rejecting those who do not meet their high standards. In the wake of the Faction Wars the Alliance isolated itself from the three warring factions at the time however growing concerns from the council where made when both the Federation and the Vanguards began putting pressure on them to become allies and even more so when the far away threat of the Pendaren Empire became closer as special forces agents had been found attempting to steal their technology and weapons. It is because of this new militaristic council members where elected into the leadership to safeguard the Alliance borders by displaying their power to both the Vanguards and Federation through a preemptive strike on a Federation shipyard and a Vanguard colony....
Helgan of Earth: Pendaren EmpireThe Pendaren Empire is a brutal fascist regime created and named after the half demon race known as the pendarens or Dark elves as some refer to them. The Pendaren Empire came into being after a violent political up rise that over threw its more peaceful former governmental heads and replaced it with a more tyrannical and aggressive singular leader who pushed for pendaren supremacy and expansion, regardless of the opinions of their galactic neighbors. The Pendarens spread out far beyond their boarders and took control of dozens of star systems by force with all races who were not pendaren treated as second class citizens. The only races pendarens regard as equals being the fellow half demon race the Orcs who like the pendarens where an offshoot of the elves and shared a common enemy with them and the mysterious and psychically talented Jek’lio. The inhabitants of many worlds that where conquered by the empire where often given the choice to leave their worlds as many pendarens would rather let the “lower races” leave so that they have little obstacles for their own growth. This however caused trillions of refugees that flooded the galaxy including pendarens that do not share the same mindset. The Emperor stands at the top along with his council of advisors who help to run all of the empires territories. All leadership roles are mainly reserved for pendarens only however Orcs have been allowed leadership roles in the military but anywhere else is considered to be rare....
Helgan of Earth: Vanguard CovenantThe Vanguard Covenant is a theological monarchy ruled over by a king and several noble houses along with being the oldest galactic superpower in the known galaxy. The Vanguard Covenant was established in the last few decades of the Age of Ruin on the elf home world of Alfheim. In the Age of Ruin the elves had sided with a legion of angels known as the vanguard legion. The elves under their command worshipped them as gods with various members of this legion serving as a vast pantheon. After the angels disappeared along with the demons the elves where left leaderless and divided amongst each other for many centuries until a single noble house managed to unite the other elven houses to face a common threat against an alien threat that wished to take control of the vast amounts of angel technology that serve as holy sites. After this new unification and defeat of this alien threat the elves organized themselves as a monarchy with the main house that united them serving as the ruling party while the other houses where put in charge of their own territories outside of Alfheim but are loyal to the crown. The modern Vanguard Covenant is a vast kingdom made up of various races with the most notable being the Elves that founded it, the half angel High Elf subspecies, the proud and noble Centaurs, the destructive and savage Draconians and the intelligent but conniving Vautin. Within the Covenant the elves stand at the top of the social hierarchy due to them being the original founders along with having a mastery over angel technology that they are reluctant to share with other races even if they are allies to them. The Covenant has the most galactic territory under its control than any other faction as the elves have made pilgrimages throughout the galaxy to spread their holy religion to other races and seek out more angel technology. The main governing body is an extremely religious organization that bases almost all of their laws and morals around the holy texts left behind by the angels known as the Thal’Voom, a holy record of texts whose name translates to, “words of the Devine.” The Centaurs believe in this faith just as much as the elves however the Vautin are a more skeptical people seeing the angels as just normal supernatural entities while some Draconians openly mock the elves and their religion as the Draconians have their own gods they worship. Before the Faction Wars the Vanguards have always held a distain for the Pendaren Empire as both factions have had a long antagonistic history with each other while they were indifferent to the Federation once they found that they couldn’t spread their religion to them until they learned of the Federations Capital of Avalon being an angel made planet and the most holy of holy destinations....
My World
Steampunk knife, scabbard, display stand 1 by dkart71
Webcam modding 4 by dkart71
Forsaken Mark by SunlessRose
P0278eng by Cranash64
Original Comics Mangas
Human Yet Hybrid comic Prologue part IV by nugapug
[closed] auction adoptable by Dracsik
Burdens by Y9ssra
Through the Rye Chapter 1 pg 17 final by MrRemoraman
Original Drawings
[CLOSED] Adopt Auction - Queen Lamia by Alenaru
Stray Dogs - [Character Art] by v13g0
Roller girl by Yneddt
Enchanted Forest by Space-Oleandr
adopt OPEN auction by SkylarMeaw
Beyond World Warriors: UMFA Space Cadet by FoammX
Civil Protection - Half Life 2 by ElPlimo
Concept Art
(Open|Auction) ADOPTABLE #4 Sky Princess by inMIMOin
A Very Deadly Xinoation by dead82
(Closed) Adopt Auction #114 by Anrig
Arts and Crafts
Fantasy night forest and magical white flowers by Space-Oleandr
[RESOURCE] Perspective grid software (CARAPACE) by Vibrantes
Designs and Interfaces
Bonding cousins by Maid0evil
Sexual MC

Mature Content

fever by AnimagicWorld
Blood and Gore MC
OPEN Auction Outfit Adoptable set 55 by iononion
Mature Content

Mature Content

The Warm Dark Garden by GlyphBellchime
Original Characters-Digital
Kiseki's Secret Day by Zee-qow
OC-Digital 2
[OPEN] Auction Adoptable #057 by luciianos
Original Characters-Traditional
Graffiti Shogun (Sticker Pack) by ChilloHaus
OC-Digital 4
My enemy`s enemy by Cranash64
OC - Digital 5

Everything Original!

Welcome to EverythingOriginal!

The purpose of :iconeverythingoriginal:EverythingOriginal is to promote your originality!
We would like to see more of your OC's and more of the things that YOU HAVE made such as jewelry, plushies, worlds, characters, etc.
Feel free to join and show off your ORIGINALITY!


1--- Submissions are unlimited but please don't upload so many that it floods our inbox! We do have to personally accept them.

2--- We do not accept base work as original art and therefore will be denied.

3--- We do not accept stolen artwork so if you find a piece in our gallery that has been stolen please let us know ASAP!

4-- WE NOW ACCEPT MATURE CONTENT! Please make sure that your mature content has the correct tags/labels and make sure you submit it to the "Mature Content" folder.

Contests and Events you may be interested in:

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