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Welcome to Everything Magic's glorious DA accout where we can relish in the wonders that is Everything Magic..…

For thouse who don't know Everything Magic is a Harry Potter based Role Play Game that is more then just a storry about that Harry Potter.. In fact its about the Magic world and not everything is all about Harry anymore..

All characters featured in many of the Deviations in this Gallery are © to their owners..
All original Harry Potter material is there for © JK Rowling.. Any questions or complaints please send us a note and will address the matter at hand..

Otherwise thank you for visiting us here at Everything Magic.

-:..:-What Started it all-:..:-
Everything Magic started out as a dream/fantasy of mine between myself and Hermione.. I was not always a Harry Potter fan however when the first movie came out nothing changed and it was not until the second movie came out did I wonder what the hell everyone was talking about and so I watched the first two movies and got wrapped up in it and started to read the books.. By the time I read the fourth book and seen the third movie I fell in love with that bushy haired girl Hermione Granger.. My obsession became a story and a story that I kept to myself until I told one of my friends about it..

Taitava love the story and thought that the Tervintasho School I had created to go with it was awesome and talked me into creating the Role Play Tervintasho which later developed into much more and became the Realm of Everything Magic which not only included the School Tervintasho which is an Advanced School of Witchcraft and Wizardry located in California.. But it is also the entire Wizard World.. The plots take place in the year 1999 (After Book Seven) We are sort of making our own history there and while no Voldemort is not been defeated he will by the end of the year but that is not even what the plot of the RP is about.. It goes much deeper and most likely the end of Lord Voldemort will be OOC while the rest of the plots deepen..

One thing that makes EM unique is that in my Fantasy that started it all Hermione fell in love with my character Raven and vise versa.. So yeah.. Get used to the Same Sex relationships cause half of the characters are either Gay, Lesbian or Bi..

I never expected more then just me and Taitava to ever join this Role Play but since the day that I created the actual Online Board using EZboards on August 25, 2005, 4:06pm eastern time we have since received eight active members including myself.. And though we are few in numbers our individual stories and plots make this place as active and alive as any other Role Play out there..

Our members are very dedicated and over half of us post more then three posts daily.. We have a close family like relationship with one another and thus far best to my knowledge ironically we are all female.. (Though that's not a rule I find it interesting..)

This board is set for the mature audience as some of the post may have sexual situations and or violence.. This is defiantly not a role play for the young and immature mind.. We are all adults here and so one must behave like one..

And so I give thee.. .. ..

Everything Magic :: Where your dreams become a reality..</u></i>

All Artwork, Poetry or Stories MUST be related to Everything Magic and or Harry Potter world.. This also goes for those who would like to submit a favorite and thus can do so by sending me a note.. All submissions can be subited to me in the same way.. Either send me a note here on DA or PM me over at Everything Magic..

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